Is 1883 Season 1 on the way to Netflix? When Will Watch 1883 New Episodes on Netflix

Yellowstone Prequel '1883' Episode 1 Recap

Sheridan is back with another Western drama that is getting a lot of attention. But will Netflix anywhere be getting the new 1883 series? In the United States, it’s not possible, and it’s very unlikely to happen around the world.

Yellowstone Prequel Series 1883 Episode 4 Release Date Confirmed and Spoilers…

Yellowstone, you may have heard that 1883 is a prequel to the show that everyone loves so much (not available on Netflix anywhere). The series explains more about the Dutton family and how they came to own the ranch that is a big part of the Yellowstone series. Sam Elliot and Tim McGraw are in the prequel, as well as Faith Hill and Isabel May. LaMonica Garrett and Marc Rissmann are also in the show.

One of the things planned for Yellowstone isn’t the only thing that will happen after the series. A new show called 6666 is also likely to get a full season order from Paramount Network.

Does Netflix have any plans for 1883?

Netflix doesn’t have 1883 in the United States right now. There are a lot of rules about how Yellowstone can be streamed, but things are much easier for 1883.

For 1883, there will not be a licensing deal with Peacock or Netflix. Instead, the show is one of the main shows on Paramount+. Since the show will only be available on Paramount+, we can’t expect Netflix to show it. Even though it might show up on other VOD services in the future, we can’t expect Netflix to show it.

Will 1883 Season 1 be on Netflix around the world?

ViacomCBS still chooses to let some of its movies and TV shows be shown on Netflix in other countries, but that is becoming rarer and rarer. In the past, ViacomCBS went to great lengths to keep one of its other flagship shows for Paramount+ from being available on Netflix outside of the United States. We’re talking about Star Trek: Discovery, which was bought back with all of the previous seasons taken out of the show.

As soon as Paramount+ goes international, the show will either be held back for that or sold to broadcast networks in the meantime. We don’t know if 1883 will be licensed, so you’ll have to look for other ways to get it.

In spite of shows like 1883 and Yellowstone being very popular, Netflix hasn’t put a lot of money into the genre on the TV side. Netflix made two big Western movies in 2021, The Harder They Fall and The Power of the Dog.

We recommend watching Longmire on Netflix if you haven’t already. It ended and isn’t coming back, even though some people say it will. We also recommend watching The Ranch, which is on Netflix. The show is in a different genre, but it does have a great actor named Sam Elliot in it.

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