In the “My Hero Academia” Manga: Is Bakugo dead? Is It Possible to Bring Bakugo Back to Life?

It was obvious that some characters wouldn’t make it out of My Hero Academia‘s final arc alive. The stakes are too high, the adversaries are too formidable, and a Shonen story wouldn’t be complete without a few hero deaths. Although some deaths were inescapably more painful than others, if you’ve heard the news or read the corresponding chapter, you’re undoubtedly wondering if Bakugo from My Hero Academia is alive or dead. Is there a method for this character to avoid death, or may this actually be the end? Here is an explanation of the circumstance.

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Is Bakugo dead?

The manga chapter 362 of My Hero Academia left fans in total disbelief with a cliffhanger that appears to depict Bakugo’s death, one of the series’ protagonists and a beloved character. Everything suggests that sure. After a particularly dramatic battle at the close of the most recent manga chapter of My Hero Academia, Bakugo is hit hard in the chest by Shigaraki, and his heart erupts. Bakugo is consequently left bleeding heavily and with a hole in his chest as he lies on the ground.


Considering that the orbs Bakugo uses to generate explosions began to detonate while flowing through his body, it has been suggested that Bakugo may have actually been the one to inflict his own wound. The manga also included a few panels of Bakugo’s parents discussing the weather and how much their kid despises the rain in the fight’s closing stages. The peaceful tone of these panels seems at odds with the struggle going on at the same time, which gives rise to the idea that this cherished character’s demise is indeed at hand.

Is It Possible to Bring Bakugo Back to Life?

Fortunately, Eri and her special Reversal Quirk are a McGuffin that My Hero Academia can use to bring back Bakugo and save him from an unnecessary death. Any living thing’s status can be reversed to an earlier time in its existence thanks to Eri’s Quirk. This was demonstrated when she made her father vanish, when she turned back time so that Deku’s limbs weren’t harmed during his battle with Overhaul, and when she gave Mirio his powers back after erasing his quirk.¬†However, it is not yet clear if author Khei Horikoshi will do this or how he would include this into the tale. In order to update this guide when new information becomes available, we’ll be monitoring the manga and its progress.

Who is Bakugo?

Bakugo is a brash, violent figure who is most well-known for his impetuous behaviors. Although he still exhibits these traits, they were more apparent at the start of the novel, and he has since undergone substantial development. One of the reasons Bakugo evolved into one of the most adored characters in this manga appears to be his character development. Of course, we must not overlook his superb fighting skills. Bakugo is not only a very swift and intelligent combatant, but he is also very strong. This character, like most others in My Hero Academia, has a special ability: he can start fires with his hands by exuding sweat that is combustible. Although it appears to be a fantastic offensive strategy, Bakugo can make more use of this power. Bakugo can occasionally use the explosions as a shield and can even simulate flight by leaping into the air to avoid an attack or throw himself at this foe. But there are drawbacks to this peculiarity. Bakugo’s arms will start to hurt if the explosion is too powerful to bear, and in severe circumstances, he may even get injuries.

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