In Phrogging: Hider in My House: What happened to James and Brittany Campbell?

Brittany and James Campbell’s family were away from Honolulu for a week. they were alerted to a problem by the bike that was left outside.On 20 September 2019, something terrible happened to him. James could not open his door. Inside, a stranger closed it. “The man peeks through the door. The man calmly says, “This is not your house.” “Phrogging: Hide in My House,” a new Lifetime program, chronicles their journey.

In the new Lifetime True Crime Show “Proging: Haider in My House,” 36-year-old Navy veteran James describes the incident.  The show begins July 18 and covers “phrogging,” in which a stranger sneaks into someone’s space and lives there for days, weeks, or months. The first part of the premiere focuses on Campbell’s ordeal. Let’s find Out What happened to them.

What Is Phrogging? Is It a True or Myth?

Who is Brittany Campbell and James

James and Brittany Campbell were friends in high school and later reconnected when James had two sons on his own. According to “Phrogging: Hider in My House,” they got married in 2018.

What happened to James and Brittany Campbell

In Phrogging Hider in My House What happened to James and Brittany Campbell
NewYork Post: James and Brittany Campbell

James and 37-year-old Brittany Campbell’s home was allegedly occupied by a man while they were gone. When a guy reportedly resided in James and Brittany Campbell’s home, observed them, and wrote in a notebook about surgeries he intended to carry out on them, the couple was a young married couple living in a typical suburban neighborhood in Honolulu. While Brittany dialed 911, James managed to protect himself by grabbing a sledgehammer and getting the intruder out of the house. James remarks, “We see he’s wearing my clothes, once he’s in the front yard. The situation is growing weirder by the minute.

Who Lived Stranger With Brittany & James Campbell?

A man is said to have lived there while the Campbells were away. According to KHON2, when the police arrived, they took the man, Ezequiel Zayas, 23, into custody. The nightmare, however, had only barely begun when he was carted off.  Their home’s inside were in complete disarray. Pans were stacked on top of one another. James had removed all of his musical instruments and placed them in the living room. The state of their bedroom was disorder.

The second discovery they made was considerably more distressing. Someone had recorded alarming diary entries and information about the family on one of their old laptops. James explains on the program, “There [were] all these typed notes called “The Omnivore Trials: A rehabilitation for Ratlike Persons.” The Post quoted Brittany as saying, “This is when we discovered this individual had been in our home for a lot longer.” Knives were spread out next to the computer, which caught Brittany’s attention. She also discovered a typed “manifesto” that detailed horrific plans for the Campbell family, including “sexual reconstructive” and “hand transplant” surgery.

Above is a still from a KHON2 report showing the Campbells’ house after it was claimed that a man lived there while they were away. She also discovered a video the intruder had reportedly recorded while nude on her computer. The household’s previous weird happenings, such as a computer’s webcam turning on in the middle of the night, doors that were left open or unlocked, and the dog barking, were suddenly seen with fresh terror by the family. With phrogging victims, this is frequently the situation. Things start to disappear, according to Everleth, who also noted that individuals are more likely to think they are sharing their home with a ghost than a persistent trespasser.

How Zayas entered the two-story home of the Campbells and how long he lingered there are still mysteries. However, the journal included very private information about them that the couple had chosen not to disclose, such as the fact that Brittany was having reproductive treatments.

What’s the means of phrogging

A new Lifetime show explores “phrogging,” the practice of covertly moving into someone else’s home. Phrogging, which is pronounced “frogging,” is a relatively new phrase that is supposed to have originated from frogs leaping from one location to another. However, the crime has actually been happening for a long time. According to the real crime blog for A&E, in a 1986 incident, 17-year-old Daniel LaPlante, who was enamoured with Tina Bowen, located a hiding place in her house. According to the site, Tina ultimately made it out and requested assistance

What happenend to Ezequiel Zayas? Where is Now

Ezequiel Zayas
Ezequiel Zayas

Murder in the first and second degrees and burglary are the charges brought against Ezequiel Zayas. He was detained, given a burglary charge, and then released. Soon after that, he was taken into custody once more, this time for allegedly damaging a Buddhist temple. In 2020, while serving a sentence for that offence, Zayas is accused of killing 62-year-old Vance J. Grace, another prisoner. In the fall of 2020, he was accused of first- and second-degree murder and entered a not guilty plea. According to court documents, the individual was “ruled incompetent to proceed” and is presently being treated at the Hawaii State Hospital as he awaits trial.

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