In Outlander Season 6, did Malva poison Claire?

Outlander Season 6 Episode 6 RECAP

Claire is suffering with the traumas inflicted by Lionel Brown and his soldiers in the sixth season of Starz’s historical series ‘Outlander.’ In her visions, she begins to see Brown, prompting her to use an anaesthetic as a comfort measure. Claire’s tumultuous life takes a turn for the worse when she becomes ill in the midst of an outbreak in Fraser’s Ridge in the sixth episode of season 6. She does her best to help the settlers, but she becomes ill herself. Claire grows suspicious of the ailment she contracted after partially recovering from it, leading viewers to believe Malva poisoned her. Let’s see what we can find out!

Outlander Season 6 Episode 7 Recap “Sticks and Stones”

Is it possible that Malva poisoned Claire?

Claire sets out to treat the settlers bravely as an outbreak strikes Fraser’s Ridge. Claire continues to provide her services even after several people die or get seriously ill. However, she becomes unwell quickly and is confined to her bed. She becomes crazy and her mind is taken over by dreams. Claire recovers from her near-fatal encounter after a valiant fight to stay alive. She discovers, after recuperating from the illness, that she did not contract dysentery like the other settlers. When Jamie informs her that Tom Christie has been sick, she goes to see him, only to be surprised to learn that they both had the same illness, unlike the rest of the colony. Claire suspects the source of their illness because she hasn’t seen Tom in a long time and the contagious ailment hasn’t transferred from one to the other. Claire is sceptical of the former because Malva is the only person who has had contact with both of them. Because of Malva’s good health during the outbreak, she hasn’t been a virus carrier, and the only way she can make Claire sick is to poison her.

Outlander Season 6 Episode 6 RECAP

The source literature for the sixth season of the show, Diana Gabaldon’s ‘A Breath of Snow and Ashes,’ answers if Malva is involved in Claire’s illness. Malva poisons Claire during the outbreak, believing that her condition will be misinterpreted as the communicable disease that killed many of the settlers, according to the novel. Malva seeks to hold Jamie responsible for her pregnancy as soon as she knows she’s pregnant. She performs a love charm, but it is ineffective. Malva decides to assassinate Claire after realising she shouldn’t be on her way while luring Jamie to her. She collects blood and mucus from the sin-dead eater’s body and conceals it in her clothing. When numerous settlers die as a result of the outbreak, she mixes the virus with Claire’s and Tom’s food.

Claire and Tom’s deaths, according to Malva, will be deemed pandemic casualties. She realises that if Claire dies, no one in the Ridge who is medically knowledgeable will become suspicious and track the poison back to Malva. Claire, on the other hand, survives the condition, raising questions about her symptoms. Malva confesses to trying to kill Tom and Claire to the former before her death in the novel, which leads to the discovery of the truth.

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