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the patient episode 3 recap-

In the last few minutes of the two-part premiere of The Patient, we found out that serial killer Sam and his chained-up therapist, Dr. Alan Strauss (Steve Carell), were not the only ones in the basement. With Sam (Domhnall Gleeson) believing that all of his victims deserved it and Alan trying every trick in his repertoire to stop his patient from killing again while also advocating for his freedom, a new factor only raises the stakes in their unconventional and suspenseful sessions. And, as was to be expected, it was Sam’s mother, Candace Fortner (Linda Emond) who not only knows about his crimes or, at the very least, his kidnapping of Alan but who also actively encouraged him to seek out legitimate therapy in the first place. www.tvacute.com provides a comprehensive recap on this page.

The Patient Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

This fresh information at least provides Alan with a path of inquiry. Sam said that the abuse was real however, it stopped when he was 14 years old when his father departed, and Candace’s revelation that he had left suggests that he may have also been lying about the abuse.  Naturally, Alan is playing the game, but his recurring dreams of stabbing Sam repeatedly in the neck give his requests that Sam releases him from his chains so that he might aid him more successfully a sinister undertone. He does, however, appear to be trying very hard to help him, including his latest Candace discoveries in therapy.

the patient episode 3 recap-

Sam should work through his violent urges by reminding himself that resisting them is a way of protecting his mother something he has been doing since he was a toddler, Alan recommends. Alan also suggests that she actively participates. Sam returns the following evening and claims that he returned to the restaurant and eyeballed the manager whom he not so secretly wants to kill, then drove off and sat in his car and considered doing it but ultimately decided against it. That represents some improvement. Sam desires that the management learn a lesson on how to treat others. Sam admits that he felt the same way about all of his victims and that they all deserved it when Alan prods him on this. As the episode comes to a close, Sam gets home and disrupts Alan’s flashbacks by bringing a captive inside and imprisoning him in a different room.

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