House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Recap! Who is dead? Ending Explained

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House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Recap; The sixth episode of House of the Dragon shifted the gears of the game. It jumped us ahead in time by ten years, bringing us to a more tense version of King’s Landing than the one we were initially exposed to. Rhaenyra is a mother to three children, whereas Queen Alicent is a mother to four of her own. They mature at such a rapid rate! The events of Episode 6 set the stage for their kids to begin their feud with one another. Dameon Targaryen’s wife Lady Laena Velaryon died in a terrible fire by ordering her dragon, Vhagar, to burn her, as opposed to passing away from problems during childbirth.

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Is Laenor Velaryon dead?  

Why is this enigmatic she-dragon significant to the Game of Thrones spinoff HOTD? Who is VHAGAR?

we watch as things heat up even further in the seventh episode, which is named “Driftmark.” Westeros is in the midst of a period of mourning, and as the royal family comes to lay Laena to rest after she was self-immolation, it doesn’t take long for old grudges and rivalries to come to the surface.  And by the time we reach the end of this episode, the Targaryens’ level of wickedness is such that it would make a dragon blush. In connection with this, the most electrifying part of the hour is a ride on a dragon that wasn’t supposed to be there.  For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Recap continue reading at

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House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Recap

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On the island of Driftmark, where House Velaryon is based, we start with Laena Velaryon’s burial. The daughters of Laena and Daemon cling to Rhaenys as the cameras scan the throng. Following Lyonel Strong’s passing, Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans), who was formerly the Hand of the King, now concurs. Daemon doesn’t even try to hide a chuckle as Corlys’ brother Vaemond rambles on in High Velaryon about how the family’s blood runs rich and true and must never be diluted. while Jace, Rhaenyra’s son, observes. The stone coffin of Laena is then pushed into the water. The mood at the reception following the ceremony is strange. Jace is upset that no one notices that he is grieving for Ser Harwin Strong, his biological father, but Rhaenyra advises him to keep quiet as Alicent observes the conversation from a distance. Aemond, to whom Aegon is now engaged, hears Aegon’s complaint that he does not wish to wed their sister Helaena. (You go, Rhaenyra!) Ser Criston notices that Larys hasn’t stopped staring at Alicent while they’ve been there, but she appears uncomfortable as she responds, “It’s only a look of pride; he’s the new lord of Harrenhal after his family’s recent, eh, catastrophe.”

Rhaeynra and Daemon continue to look at each other from opposite sides of the group, but they remain silent. When Viserys contacts his brother to express his sympathies and give an invitation for Daemon and his family to come back to King’s Landing, she is still keeping a close eye on him. However, Daemon adamantly rejects and storms off. Nearly everyone eventually retires to their rooms. Rhaenys regrets that when her daughter went into childbirth, she didn’t have High Tide’s maesters there. She continues, “She wanted to come home, and he rejected her,” to which Corlys softly retorts that Daemon wasn’t to blame. Rhaenys, though, is too depressed and worn out to continue the customary pretence. She calls her husband out for constantly claiming that he is vying for the Iron Throne in order to get revenge for her being overlooked, but in reality, he only wants the position and power for himself. She rejects his claim that all he does is for their family’s legacy: She declares that she prefers Laena’s line to Laenor’s so that the ancestral seat of the family will be ruled by individuals who actually have Velaryon blood in their veins.

house- of the dragon -episode 7- recap-

Daemon and Rhaenyra are strolling and conversing on the sand. She informs him that Laenor has lost interest in maintaining their disguise for some time. Oh, and at one point they did try to construct miniature dragons together. She expresses regret for not ordering Ser Harwin to remain in King’s Landing and makes mention of the purported curse on the historic building, but Daemon is like. Then, they finally come to the crux of the issue: how he left her behind at that brothel years ago. When they were getting close to each other that night at the brothel, Rhaenyra admitted to Daemon that she had never forgiven him for leaving her. She demanded to know why he left that night and blamed him for how her life turned out after he was banished; he said that she was too young at the time. They finished what they had begun and spent the night together in a forested location close to the shore after she said that she was now an adult.

house- of the dragon episode 7- recap-

The dragons are sleeping farther up the beach, so Aemond, who has remained outdoors, moves there. It awakens as he gently strokes Vhagar, giving him a long smell, and briefly appears as though it wants to turn him into a marshmallow s’more. However, when he commands the animal to calm down, the child interprets this as a positive sign and jumps upon its back as they flee. The boy is nearly killed by an extremely steep drop and a flock of seabirds for a brief period, but soon he gets the hang of it. He confidently marches back to the castle after touching down, where he is greeted by Rhaena, the irate daughter of Daemon and Laena. She was going to be the dragon’s next master because it belonged to her mother, and she is furious now. Aemond starts a fight by saying, “Your mother’s dead, and Vhagar has a new rider now,” which leads to Aemond, Rhaena, Baela, Jace, and Luke wanting to kill each other. It gets even bloodier when Aemond labels Jace and Luke “bastards.” At the conclusion, Aemond is left with one eye missing as Luke cuts his face with a blade.

house- of the dragon -episode 7- recap-

Everyone is drawn to the Hall of Nine by the commotion, where Viserys ponders what transpired. In the back, Daemon is leaning against a door and appears to be watching the funniest Muppet Babies episode ever. The princess scarcely flinches when Alicent mentions the totally fake notion that Jace and Luke are not rightful successors to the throne after pointing a finger at Rhaenyra’s boys and claiming they were protecting themselves against defamation. She reiterates, “This is the highest of treasons.” Viserys, therefore, asks his younger son to identify the source who informed him that Rhaenyra’s children were not also those of Laenor. Aemond turns to face his mother before saying to Aegon directly, “We know, Father. everyone is aware. Simply observe them. Viserys disregards that and yells at his rowdy companions to put an end to their altercation, say sorry, and go away.

house- of the dragon episode 7- recap-

Alicent demands that Viserys avenge Rhaenyra’s son by stealing one of his eyes since she finds that not enough. When he refuses, she tells Ser Criston to amputate one of Lucerys’ eyes. However, Viserys stops it short by saying that the matter is resolved and then making sure everyone in the room is aware that he will de-tongue anyone else who brings up the parentage of his grandkids. Oh well, the monarch has spoken, so that should be it. NOPE, says Alicent. She quickly reaches for Viserys’ belt for a blade and advances on Rhaenyra’s boys. They battle as Rhaenyra tries to stop her. Ser Harrold begins screaming, and while everyone panics, Daemon enters the melee but is promptly body-checked by Criston.

In the midst of a crowd of witnesses, there are only two women fighting, and Alicent is experiencing a breakdown that has been building for years. What have I accomplished, but what was anticipated of me? She holds the knife really, really near to the princess’ face, saying, “Forever protecting the kingdom, the family, the law while you do what you please.” Wasn’t that exhausting? “Hiding under the mantle of your own righteousness,” taunts Rhaenyra. Now they see you for who you really are. As she pulls Rhaenyra away, Alicent stabs her erstwhile closest friend, cutting her forearm and dripping blood into the ground. Everyone looks at each other as they try to make sense of what just transpired after Aemond breaks the astonished silence by telling his mother that he lost an eye but got a dragon.

Later, when Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans) stops by Alicent’s apartment, she anticipates receiving a severe reprimand. He admires his daughter. He says to her, “We play a dirty game. And today, for the first time, I can see that you’re determined to prevail. He tells her to visit Viserys, show contrition, and “I guarantee you, you and I together shall prevail in time.” After all, a dragon is now on their side! Laenor returns from grieving for his sister alone to find his family bloodied in Rhaenyra’s rooms, shocking him. She then tells him about Aemond’s remark. Later, Laenor tells Rhaenyra that he failed. They discuss her aspirations to become pregnant by his offspring. She describes him as a respectable man with a kind heart despite his statement that “I despise the gods for making me way they did.” He informs her that Laenor would devote himself to their marriage and that Sidepiece Ser Qarl will shortly return to the Stepstones.

House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Recap Ending

house of the dragon -episode 7 recap-

And it appears that Rhaenyra kind of concurs with that. She speaks in High Valyrian to Daemon when they next cross paths, pleading with him to assist her in battling Alicent. “I can’t take on the greens by myself. As Aegon the Conqueror did with his sisters, let us bind our blood, she continues, suggesting that he become her spouse and prince consort. But he notes that unless Laenor were already dead, they couldn’t get married. Laenor’s boyfriend Qarl (Arty Froushan) is approached by Daemon, who offers him money to have Laenor killed. In Castle Driftmark, Qarl looks to be in agreement as he draws his blade toward Laenor. We are led to believe that the princess has quickly devised a ruthless scheme to achieve her goals. And while it’s true that someone does pass away, Laenor isn’t the one. This is how it happens. A servant observes as Qarl prepares his sword for Laenor, and the youngster flees the room in search of assistance. Later, a burned-out body is discovered in the fireplace by Corlys and Princess Rhaenys (Eve Best). They think it is Laenor.

house- of the dragon -episode 7- recap-

After that, Rhaenyra and Daemon are married in a High Valyrian and ceremonial blood-filled ceremony. It just feels strange that they are receiving romantic treatment here. Laenor is fine, we learn later, though! He has his head shaved and is in a rowboat with Qarl, purportedly on their way to board a ship in the distance and travel to a location where they can pursue their own interests.

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