[Hallmark] Love’s Portrait (2022): Release Date, Cast, Plot, Locations and More

[Hallmark] Love's Portrait (2022): Release Date, Cast, Plot, Locations and More

In the newest Hallmark Movies & Mysteries production, Love’s Portrait, a museum curator finds a picture that perfectly captures her likeness and goes to Ireland to learn more about it. There are two deaf characters in the movie. the film was directed by John Lyde and Brittany Wiscombe who co-wrote the screenplay. Here is everything we know about Love’s Portrait, along with an exclusive sneak glimpse from tvacute.com.

Love’s Portrait (2022) Release Date

On Sunday, September 4 at 9 p.m. ET, Hallmark will debut Love’s Portrait.  you can rewatch Love’s Portrait movie on Tuesday, September 6 at 7 p.m.ET, Thursday, September 8 at 9:00 p.m, and 11th of September at 3 p.m. ET.

Love’s Portrait Cast

Richard McWilliams, an Irish actor (William), and Aubrey Reynolds (Lily). Tamari Dunbar plays Michelle in the movie, Siobhan Shanahan plays Cara, Jessi Melton plays Kate, and Jazmine Shaw plays JoJo. The movie also stars Geraldine McComish as Dierdre, Gerry Herbert as Jonathan O’Brien, Brooke Grossinger as Pamela, and David Knoell as Eamon O’Brien, and Kathryn McKiernan.

Love’s Portrait’s Plot

A museum curator named Lily (Aubrey Reynolds) is sent to Ireland to investigate the origin of a painting of her that she finds. There, she finds the local post office run by William (Richard McWilliams) and Saoirse as a result of her quest (Kathryn McKiernan). They offer their assistance, but William is hiding information from them. He must choose whether to tell others what he knows, even if doing so could jeopardize his and Lily’s developing love for one another.

In Love’s Portrait, are the deaf characters indeed deaf?

Both Cara and Pamela, Lily’s coworkers at the museum, are portrayed by deaf actors Brooke Grossinger and Siobhan Shanahan, a hearing actress who grew up in a deaf family because both of her parents are deaf.

Love’s Portrait Shot

The majority of the film “Love’s Portrait” is set in Ireland. The project’s main shooting started sometime in October 2021 and was finished by the end of November 2021. Part of the “Love’s Portrait” movie was filmed in Kilkenny.

At the Cullintra House bed and breakfast in Inistioge, scenes were filmed. The movie makes extensive use of The Otter Bar, a well-known eatery in Inistioge. The movie’s production team shot various scenes at Jerpoint Abbey. But some of it was also filmed in Utah. One of the locations where the cast and crew of the movie shot footage was Springville, a city in Utah County. The fourth-largest city in Utah, Provo, was the location for some movie sequences.

Love’s Portrait (2022) Trailer

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