Cold Justice Season 7 Episode 1 {A Mother’s Last Words} What happened to Tyvon Whitford?

Cold Justice Season 7 Episode 1 {A Mother’s Last Words}
Kelly Siegler

The 90-minute episode of the true-crime series Cold Justice, which will air its 100th episode in October, is back. Tyvon Whitford, 25, from Putnam County, was six months pregnant with her second child at the time of her death and was therefore going to become a mother once more. Detective Abbey Abbondandolo works with Kelly Siegler to look into the death of a pregnant lady who passed away before identifying her killer during a desperate 911 call. ( We have all the information you need here if you’re wondering Who was Tyvon Whitford? is and who Murdered her.

Cold Justice Season 7 Episode 1 Release Date

Cold Justice Season 7 Episode 1 will release on Sat September 3, 2022, at 8/7c on Oxygen It is followed by the Chagrin Valley Dispatch in Ohio-based 911 Crisis Center’s Season 2 premiere (9:30/8:30c).

A Mother’s Last Words Synopsis: The brutal killing of a pregnant woman who managed to dial 911 but passed away before identifying her killer is being looked into by Kelly and Abbey. If they’ll talk, witnesses at a nearby bar might be able to shed light on the incident.

Who was Tyvon Whitford?

Tyvon Whitford, with her son

Tyvon Whitford, a prison officer with a 5-year-old son, was well-known for her upbeat personality. She spent her entire life in the adjacent Hawthorne after being born in Gainesville, Florida. According to her obituary, she had a 2007 Interlachen High School diploma and belonged to Trinity Baptist Church. When she was 25 years old and eight months pregnant, a woman from Putnam County was shot and killed on June 8, 2007. Whitford passed away in a hospital in Gainesville, along with her unborn child.

The report also stated that Whitford’s 5-year kid was home during the murder. Whitford’s parents don’t understand who would want to harm her or why. No evidence of a robbery or forced entry, according to investigators.  According to authorities, Whitford’s household made two 911 calls the night of the murder. According to family members, the victim made the initial call. According to Sgt. Matthew Keith of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, “One of the very first things the dispatcher was attempting to gather from her was where she was located” in 2019. but regrettably, they were unable to identify the attacker. 

Her boyfriend called her again a few minutes after the first contact. No arrests have been made in the case for years. Whitford’s mother is parenting her now grandson. They are both still in anguish.  Watch “Cold Justice,” which will return on Saturday, September 3 on Oxygen, to discover more about this case and others.

From Executive Producer Dick Wolf, Oxygen revives Cold Justice, a real-life crime series that follows former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and her team of detectives as they dig into small-town murder cases that have lingered for years without answers or closure. Together with local law enforcement from across the country, the Cold Justice team has helped bring about an astounding 40 arrests and 19 convictions.

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