‘Half Brothers’ Trailer: Half Brothers Movie in theaters this Christmas


Focus Features has dropped the first trailer for director  Luke Greenfield’s new open comedy, Half Brothers that takes on a Mexican Road Trip. It is rare for comedy directors that many people can film a good scene but forget to tell an emotionally compelling story. Check out the #HalfBrothers trailer below. ‘Half Brothers’ Movie in theaters this Christmas season.

One of Mexico’s biggest stars, Luis Gerardo Mendes, plays Renato, a successful Mexican aviation chief, and is shocked to learn that he has an American half-brother he never knew, the freedom-loving Asher (Conor Del Rio). Two very different half brothers are forced to travel together, led by their sick father, and follow their father’s path in emigrating from Mexico to the US.

Official Site: Half Brothers Movie

Other actors, including José Zúñiga as Evaristo, Vincent Spano as Mr. B, Pia Watson as Pamela, Juan Pablo Espinosa as Flavio and Juandas Candes as Doris.

Eduardo Cisneros and Jason Schumann are writers and producers of a film.

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