Ready for Tonight! Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 8 – A mystery of Joaquin’s sister continues –

Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 8

Freeform’s fan-favorite series Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 8 will air Wednesday, April 27 at 10 p.m. and will be available on Hulu the following day.

The subplot with Joaquin’s sister took up a large portion of Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 7, and we’re still no closer to finding out what happened to her. Meanwhile, Mariana and Malika may face difficult problems as a result of their work, and Alice’s journey was the most perplexing of them all. A mystery surrounds continues – Joaquin’s sister (Read the recap below) What will happen next? Take a look at the synopsis and promo of episode 8 of Good Trouble Season 4 with

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Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 8 – Recap

Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 8 Spoilers

First and foremost, the official title of this new episode 8 of Good Trouble  Season 4  is  “I Don’t Belong Here.”  Jenna’s mystery has taken an alarming turn, and we now have to wonder whether anything dreadful has happened to her, and she is dead! Mariana assists Joaquin in his hunt for his sister. Isabella and Gael’s kid suffers a medical crisis. Meanwhile, the Revitalize girls make a decision on Bulk Beauty; what happened on Alice’s tour.

Good Trouble Episode 4.08 Synopsis: Mariana helps Joaquin search for his sister; the Revitalize girls make a decision regarding Bulk Beauty; what happened on Alice’s tour; Isabella and Gael’s baby has a medical scare.

Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 8 Streaming Options

As mentioned above, Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 8  will air on April 27  at 10 p.m. on Freeform and is re-aired the next day on Hulu and Disney+  The series is available on Freeform’s official website. Good Trouble Season 3 is also available on iTunes, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Dyonte is looking for a solution to the main question. Mariana expresses gratitude for Joaquijn’s suggestion and attempts to inquire about his sister. Davia claims she liked Joaquin’s piece and was unaware that Luca was homeless. She says that she met him there after he crashed. Alice informs Sumi that she no longer wishes to perform stand-up comedy. Dennis tells Joaquin that Jenna was how he first learned about the coterie since she used to come to his shows. He leads Joaquin to a pub where Jenna had a relationship with the proprietor. Mariana suggests that she invite her other coworkers to Bulk Beauty. Davia goes to Skid Row with Dennis for safety reasons because she has a job opening for Luca. Dennis learns about the burlesque from Davia.

Lucia has Malika hunting down her alleged coworkers to get them to sign the plan so it will be approved. She’s overworked to the point of exhaustion. Malika’s coworker informs her that Lucia instructed her friends not to sign the proposal since she intends to veto it. To Lucia and Will’s surprise, Malika goes behind Lucia’s back and gets the autographs anyhow. They learn Malika cheated on them. Malika informs Dyonte that she does not want to be his primary and that she has more complicated sentiments. Angelica’s sake. Davia and Dennis let Luca stay in the Coterie basement since he performs well. After mistakenly believing Jenna was in the pub, Joaquin confronts the bartender and learns that he and Jenna used to date and that he felt Jenna was insane and abandoned her on the side of the road on her way to Palm Springs. All of this is revealed to Mariana by Joaquin. Mariana encourages Liza to join them, but Liza informs Jackie of their plans.

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