Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 9 – Will Mariana go on a date with Evan?

Good Trouble 4x09

Freeform’s fan-favorite series Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 9 will air Wednesday, May 4 at 10 p.m. and will be available on Hulu the following day.

Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 8 touched on certain subjects and captured the humanity of its people, old and new, with a small cast and some serious subject matter. Finally, we found out what happened to Alice on that trip, and it was terrifying to see it unfold in front of our eyes. (Read the recap below) What will happen next? Take a look at the synopsis and promo of episode 9 of Good Trouble Season 4 with

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Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 9 Spoilers

First and foremost,  An epic break is coming, but what will happen before that? The official title of this new episode 9 of Good Trouble  Season 4  is “That’s Me in the Spotlight.” Based on what we know so far, big decisions will be there. Mariana must decide what she wants to do in regards to Evan. Even though the FCGs provide their okay for Mariana to date Evan, Mariana feels conflicted about the relationship. Meanwhile, Alice is attempting to return to the stage, and we’ll be delving a little deeper into Joaquin’s narrative and what’s going on with his sister. Isabella’s parents come up with a fresh plan for the baby. 

Good Trouble Episode 4.09 Synopsis: The Mariana can date Evan, but she is conflicted; Alice tries to gain the courage to go back on stage; Joaquin gets a tip on his sister’s whereabouts; Isabella’s parents propose a new idea for the baby.

Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 9 SNEAK PEEK:

Malika is soon to discover that in politics, every favor has a price.

Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 9 Streaming Options

As mentioned above, Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 9  will air on May 4  at 10 p.m. on Freeform and is re-aired the next day on Hulu and Disney+  The series is available on Freeform’s official website. Good Trouble Season 3 is also available on iTunes, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

Joaquin had a dream about his sister’s body being buried. Mariana offers to assist him in finding Jenna’s ex-boyfriend, who he believes murdered her. He explains how he misread her. When Alice and Sumi meet with Lila’s parents, she refuses to tell them that she has left the tour. Gael and Isabella spend some time together and have a good time putting together a baby bed. They almost have a moment when Gael receives a call from the doctor. Luca and Davia are doing well in their dance and are about to perform. He tells her that she is as sultry and forceful as she had dreamed. They discover that the baby may have a developmental problem and that if this is the case, the baby may die within the first year. More testing is required. Sumi has been kept in the dark about what transpired on tour by Alice. She recalls a time when a heckler approached her onstage, and she responded by heckling him back and continuing her show. But when he found her alone and isolated after the show, he called her a slur and tossed his drink on her.

Sumi is furious since Alice’s parents urged her not to say anything. Isabella begins to back away, upset that there might not be a baby. After Davia shared the photo Luca took of her, Mariana and the others finally discover that she’s dropped a lot of weight and that her most recent video was about her eating disorder. Davia deletes the video after reading the comments about her being body positive and appearing sickly now. Around her, the others act strangely. Gael, on the other hand, assembles the crib. He and Isabella talk, and he tells her that he isn’t there for her, but that he will have faith in them both. Joauquin delves much deeper into his sisters’ disappearance. Davia discusses her weight with everyone, clears the air, and invites everyone to her burlesque show. She also tells Luca that she is willing to assist him and provides him the money for his outfits. Sumi tells Alice about her racist experience and how she can’t give up on something she enjoys. Gael confesses his feelings for Isabella to Davia. Alice enters the room and joins Sumi in bed. Joaquin’s sister responds to the text, and she does so correctly. Kelly discovers Luca in the basement and dismisses him.

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