Everything You need about GO! Movie 2020 Release Date – Cast info – Trailer

GO! Movie 2019 William Lodder

GO! is an upcoming high-energetic Australian family movie. it follows a teen-focused story set in the world of go kart racing.

Here’s we have everything you need to know about GO Movie 2019 . Also Check out GO Movie trailer below.

What is GO! Movie 2020 about?

When Jack (William Lodder) and his single mother (Frances O’Connor) move to a small town in Western Australia, he soon gets involved in the competitive world of go-kart racing. Jack’s got natural talent but must learn to control his recklessness.

To do that, he’ll need the help of aspiring engineer, Mandy (Anastasia Bampos), wise-cracking best mate Colin (Darius Amarfio-Jefferson) and mysterious mentor, Patrick (Richard Roxburgh). Together, the team will endeavour to overcome all odds and defeat ruthless racer Dean (Cooper Van Grootel) to win the National Go Kart Championship.

Who’s behind GO! Movie 2020 ?

Director Owen Trevor shot on location in southwest Western Australia, from a script by Steve Worland. It features stunning images of the coast.

Who is in the GO! Movie 2020 Cast?

It cast includes Richard Roxburgh, Dan Wyllie, Frances O’Connor ,William Lodder., Damian de Montemas, Mike Zeta, Cooper van Grootel, Dean Zeta, Adam T Perkins, Riley Papalia, William Lodder,and Rhys Lander.

Is there a trailer for GO! Movie 2020 ?

Yes! It all looks  is very much drawing from the vibe of The Karate Kid, with its mentee-mentor core relationship and a villainous adversary.

When will GO! Movie 2020 arrives ?

Go! will premiere at CinéfestOZ Film Festival 2019  next week and will be released nationally in cinemas on January 16 , 2020.