Ghosts of War 2020 – Release Date – Trailer – Cast – Photos

Ghosts of War 2020 poster
Ghosts of War 2020 Movie

A brand new trailer, poster, and photos for Real-life World War II horror and supernatural thriller movie Ghosts of War that follows five soldiers’ descent into hell. It was directed and written by Eric Bress. 

Below you’ll find every detail for supernatural psychological thriller Ghosts of War movie.

Ghosts of War 2020 Release Date

Ghosts of War releases on Direct TV June 18 and then followed by a VOD and digital release on July 17th.

Ghosts of War 2020 Trailer

Ghosts of War 2020 Plot

During the darkest days of World War 2, five battle-hardened soldiers are assigned to guard a Chateau deep in the French countryside formerly occupied by the Nazi high command. Cut off from contact with the outside world, the group begins experiencing inexplicable events and are ruthlessly tormented by unseen forces – something else is in the house that will not let them leave alive. As their situation spirals into horrifying madness, a last-ditch effort to escape reveals a twisted modern-day nightmare even more terrifying than the evil forces hunting them for revenge.

Ghosts of War 2020 Cast

Brenton Thwaites as Chris
Theo Rossi as Kirk
Skylar Astin as Eugene
Kyle Gallner as Tappert
Alan Ritchson as Butchie
Shaun Toub as Mr. Helwig
Kaloyan Hristov as Helwig Boy

Ghosts of War 2020 Photos

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Official Site:  Ghosts of War 

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