[Finale] FBI: International Season 2 Episode 22 Recap: Explained!

In the thrilling season 2 finale of FBI: International, the Fly Team springs into action to intercept a stolen Russian hypersonic missile that has surfaced on the black market in their Budapest home base. The episode as a whole includes character development, a high-stakes case involving a stolen nuclear weapon, the exposure of a dishonest arms broker, and a bombing incident that could affect the outcome of the investigation into Yusuf, making for an exciting and tense conclusion. www.tvacute.com provides a comprehensive recap on this page.

FBI: International Season 2 Episode 22 Recap

In the FBI International episode titled “Fencing the Mona Lisa,” Special Agent Damien Powell’s temperament becomes a concern for Agent Jamie Kellet (Heida Reed). Kellet believes Damien Powell (Greg Hovanessian) may not be a good fit for the team due to his volatile nature and her lack of trust in Agent Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank)‘s judgment, as he and Damien have a long-standing friendship. Despite Kellet’s own past indiscretions, she volunteers to oversee Damien to ensure his behavior doesn’t jeopardize their latest case.

The case involves the theft of a new hypersonic nuclear warhead from the Russians. The FBI is alerted to the situation, and Kellet is assigned to gather information from her contacts in Budapest, a hub for illegal arms trading. Damien accompanies her during the meeting, but his aggressive approach nearly gets them thrown out. Kellet explains to him that not every problem can be solved by force and that finesse is sometimes required. Nonetheless, they manage to gather information about the weapon’s potential buyer, Yusuf Sydin, a terrorism financier who wants the warhead for his illicit activities.

While searching for Yusuf, the FBI stumbles upon Olivia Thornton, his broker. Believing she could be a valuable witness, they bring her in for questioning. However, it is revealed that Olivia lied to the FBI, which is a federal offense. They also discover she has been involved in arms brokering for the past twenty years, disguised as a travel blogger. Her appearance as a blond, blue-eyed woman allowed her to evade suspicion as a criminal arms dealer, taking advantage of racist stereotypes associating terrorists only with Middle Eastern individuals.

Olivia’s weakness is uncovered when the FBI learns she has a six-year-old son named David living with her father in Budapest. They leverage this information to force her cooperation. Olivia, hoping for a deal that would grant her custody of her son and a fresh start in Denmark, provides information about the ongoing transaction involving the warhead. She reveals that the weapon is being transported to Budapest for a meeting with Yusuf. With this information, the FBI manages to intercept and apprehend Yusuf. However, some of his associates remain at large.

 FBI: International Season 2 Finale recap: Is Damien Powell Dead?

In a twist, Yusuf strikes a deal and pays for the warhead’s release, but the FBI recovers it and transfers it to an American army base for further study and replication. Damien proves his worth during the operation by saving Kellet’s life, demonstrating his effectiveness beyond his previous aggressive tendencies. Unfortunately, the Americans believe they cannot bring Yusuf to trial due to the coded conversation he had with Olivia, making her the sole witness against him. Consequently, the FBI prioritizes safeguarding Olivia. As they are moving her out of their offices, a bomb explodes, and Special Agent Andre Raines shines, one of the agents, is uncertain if his team and Olivia survived the attack. The explosion puts the case against Yusuf in jeopardy if everyone involved is dead.

The episode “Fencing the Mona Lisa” closed without revealing his condition, but there was a final shot of actor Carter Redwood in the finale promo, so I assume he is slightly injured but otherwise conscious and awake. Powell is one of the people I would put at the top of my list of those who might not survive this catastrophe. His death so soon after joining the team would be particularly tragic since it would affect Vo deeply when they began dating. Olivia’s testimony is necessary to put Sydin away, and Forrester didn’t capture her confession on film before the explosion, so her untimely demise would present complications for the Bureau, but fans presumably won’t be sobbing and gnashing their teeth in the fall if she dies.

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