Fantasy Island Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Elena’s very first guest Joy Summers

It’s evident from Episode 5 of Fantasy Island Season 2 that both compassion and cruelty have lasting consequences on individuals, and it’s a message that really shines through.
Over the course of the series, we’ve seen how each character’s past has coloured their present and informed their outlook on the future. This is what it looks like when one’s hopes for the future inform one’s present-day decisions. We see how Roarke’s late mother, Joy, was incredibly supportive of her in her first try at entertaining a guest as the Summers siblings discuss the many harmful aspects of their broken relationships. Joely Fisher‘s portrayal of Joy Summers is finely nuanced; she shows optimism for her and her children’s futures while also unwittingly placing barriers in their path.  ( Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of Fantasy Island Season 2 Episode 5, in case you missed any of the exciting moments.

Fantasy Island Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Elena’s close buddy was joining us tonight.   This woman’s name was Joy Summers. Her cremated remains were the ones that floated back to the island. A long time ago, when Joy visited the island, she and Elena (Roselyn Sanchez) became fast friends. When she arrived, she was Elena’s very first guest. Present day, Ruby arrives, Roarke is watching Javier bring something off the airport and wearing a sorrowful smile. Instinctively, Ruby wonders what’s wrong. Elena receives an urn from Javier, and she says that she is granting Joy Summers’ dying desire. A young Roarke goes to her uncle’s shrine for advice. She opens her wardrobe and selects a white business suit. Segundo (Daniel Lugo) has a hibiscus in his hand and looks up to see Roarke in a fully blue outfit. For good fortune on her “new voyage,” he gives her a flower. She expresses gratitude but also admits she is totally unprepared. He gives her a ride to the pier so she may greet her first passenger. Before leaving, he gives her some encouraging words. She seemed to be as afraid as ever. The visitor is leaving the plane now. First-time visitor Joy Summers is greeted by Elena with open arms.  At the moment, Elena had been very anxious. She kept falling over herself trying to think of ways to make Joy’s visit special, but Joy never seemed to mind. From the outset, Joy was quite clear on her goals. Joy was looking for that “joy” within herself. She had hoped to make it big in the business world, but a handsome boy she met in her MBA programme put a damper on her aspirations.

Wedding bells rang. They were parents to three children when he abruptly left while her youngest was still an infant. At that point, Joy was on her own caring for the children. When it came to them, she always made sacrifices. She thwarted her own ambitions. In fact, she misplaced herself amidst the upheaval and ultimately made her way to the island in search of a new sense of self. Joy was reminded by her time on the island that she had the potential to be an accomplished businesswoman. She eventually left the island and established a successful business that is now worth several million dollars. Although Joy ultimately rediscovered her life’s meaning, she was forced to leave behind many loved ones in the process.  Joy’s priority in life was always her children. However, while she wasn’t monitoring them, cracks appeared. Since they fought so much, Joy only asked that they scatter her ashes on the island jointly. Joy’s untimely death is a great loss. Clearly, Elena was in mourning. Her children are lazy.
Three children were no longer children. Without Ross, Frank, and Bridget‘s mutual respect and affection for one another, the urn would never open and they would never be able to scatter their mother’s ashes. The relationship between Elena and Joy went beyond that of the host and guest. So until Joy’s last wish was granted, Elena wasn’t letting those youngsters off the island. Elena extended to Joy’s kids an invitation to enjoy all the island’s facilities. They disregarded the warning and attempted to leave the island covertly. Javier’s plane was stolen. They were in the middle of a takeoff when they had mechanical difficulties. They were compelled to return to the island and were bickering over whose idea it was to do so.

It wasn’t only the topic of the argument, though; they had others. Frank felt abandoned by his siblings, who did nothing while he took care of their mother. They either had no time or were too preoccupied with managing their cryptocurrency business. They hadn’t stopped to grieve over Joy’s death together, and now they couldn’t seem to get along about anything.
It irritated Frank and Bridget that Ross always tried to play the role of leader. Due to his senior status, Ross assumed he was automatically superior to his peers. He also misspelt Bridget’s name as “Nicky,” which is how he pronounced it. Meaning “Not Cute Enough,” it was an abbreviation. Bridget had heard Ross’s criticism that she isn’t cute enough. Her self-esteem plummeted. She began behaving badly. She joined a commune and vanished for two years. The thing is, it wasn’t just Ross being a jerk. In addition, Frank was a jerk to Bridget. To him, she was to blame for their father leaving the family.
Both of them held her responsible for their dad’s departure. They claimed their parents’ attempt to restore their marriage by having a third child through Bridget’s ineffectiveness. Yet another thing she detested to hear. After being yelled at by the two, Ross announced that he was resigning from his position as leader. After much waiting, it was time for them to take matters into their own hands. The problem with this was that they were caught and punished for stealing the plane. They had to sit in timeout. The experience of returning to the basement where they had spent so many formative years brought up many fond memories. It was also lacking a door. They tried desperately, but no matter what they did, they couldn’t get away. They had no choice but to stay put, so they listened to a cassette their mother had made for them moments before she passed away. Because of how much she cared for her kids, Joy decided to record a message for them as a last resort. In this case, little is more. As soon as they finished watching the tape, their argument resumed, and Elena decided to boost the ante. The lava floor she created in the cellar. It reminded them of a game they had fun with as youngsters. They had to cooperate because they couldn’t put a foot down as they avoided the lava.
It’s bedtime, and Ruby and Isla (Maria Gabriela Gonzalez) are enjoying each other’s company. Ruby suggests a hangout to get to know Isla better, but Isla declines. On the plane, Ruby comes across Javier (John Gabriel Rodriguez) working on the gasoline pump. She tells Isla that she’s worried about the two of them. Eventually, Javier figures out that Elena is in the dark about Isla. When Javier goes to the bar, he discovers Ruby there, waiting for Isla. Javier and Helene are going on a picnic at the beach. A solitary stroll on the beach is Ruby’s today. After Isla tracks her down, the two share a passionate kiss.

A door materialised as soon as they began to hear each other out. They were finally allowed to leave the subterranean facility and return to their beachside residence. Nonetheless, they resumed their argument. On the day his mother passed away, Frank had unintentionally admitted to leaving. He told them he had to leave to get something, but when he came back, their mom had been murdered. Two of them became angry with him. After a while, Frank lost it. The man punched Ross in the face. He claimed to have spent years at the gym in anticipation of the day he would have his revenge on their older sibling. Ross and him had an altercation. Eventually, Bridget stormed off after they had finished beating each other up.

She claimed she needed space, but they refused to let her wallow in agony by themselves. They put their disagreement behind them and went to help their sibling. After years of criticising her, they admitted their mistake and said they were sorry their father had to leave. She was a convenient scapegoat since they were so distraught that they couldn’t bear to place responsibility where it belonged. Bridget, though, was willing to accept their apologies. She added that they knew Ross was simply trying to make up for their dad’s absence and that they understood. That explains why he’s always been so controlling.
The issues were resolved after the siblings had a long discussion with one another. They were so delighted that they didn’t even notice Joy peeking at them from several years ago until they came across a picturesque scene in the forest and the plants. Seeing that her children were successful in life was the final spark that inspired Joy to follow her own path. At that time, she established her business. Ultimately, Joy accomplished what she had set out to do. Elena’s harsh treatment of Joy’s children stemmed from the fact that their mother had given Elena hope that she, too, might succeed. They had to recall their love for one another in order to get the urn. After much anticipation, it was opened and their mother’s ashes were dispersed in a lovely ceremony. To her satisfaction.

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