False Witness Movie

False Witness 2019

High Octane Pictures has released a trailer for Movie False Witness 2019, Written by Mick Sands Directed by Tom Sand including stars Darcie Lincoln, Sandy Batchelor, Kevin Interdonato. Check out the trailer below and also the extended trailer.

Movie Plot:

When 25-year-old Mia Hoffman changed her testimony as a state witness and allowed a cop-killer to go free, she was vilified. Left with undiagnosed PTSD, she suffers extreme anxiety and hallucinations. Seeking help she seeks out Dr. Franklin Spitz, a British celebrity therapist who specializes in resolving the causes of PTSD. But something terrible has happened to his wife, and a traumatized Franklin is hallucinating too. Mia is searching for reality and Franklin is desperately trying to avoid it.

the extended trailer.