Emergence Episode 3 Recap : 2 MG CU BID – Who is Piper?

Emergence Episode 3 Recap

Here is the recap for ABC newest thriller drama Emergence season 1 episode 3 which aired on October 8th.

After Augur Industries employee Emily helps Jo and Benny break into a secret Augur facility, they emerge with a case containing a laptop. The laptop contains Piper’s secret one that even Jo can’t believe. Who is Piper?

Jo turns the screws on the mysterious man who broke into her house and later tried to kill her. She’s got some solid leverage, so he gives up a name: Richard Kindred, head of Fortune 500 company Augur Industries. And he says the Piper ‘problem’ is going to fix itself.

Jo finds a clever way to secure a conversation with Richard Kindred (guest star Terry O’Quinn), head of the giant tech company Augur Industries: She leaves him the mysterious device found on the couple who died trying to kidnap Piper after the plane crash — without the glowing disc from the inside of it.

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