Bless This Mess Episode 2.02 Recap Omaha

Bless This Mess Season 2 Episode 2 Omaha

Created by Lake Bell, Elizabeth Meriwether sitcom series Bless This Mess Episode 2.02 Omaha short recap is here.

When Kay (Lennon Parham) realizes she’s only had one intimate partner her whole life, she suddenly becomes desperate to find another. Enter Cheff (guest star Michael Ian Black), who Rio (Lake Bell) has some real concerns about.

Mike (Dax Shepard), Beau (David Koechner), and Rudy (Ed Begley Jr.) are stuck in a tree when Brandon (Langston Kerman) rolls up. All four men wind up admitting their fears and insecurities as Brandon tries to think up a way to get them down.

Bless This Mess Episode Omaha – Photos

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