Black-ish Episode 603 Feminisn’t RECAP

black-ish season 6 episode 3

On October 8 we have watched the special episode 603 titled Feminisn’t where Tracee Ellis Ross and Golden Brooks Girlfriends reunion came together on black-ish .

On tonight’s Black-ish Episode 603 as per the ABC synopsis, “When Bow learns that Diane and Ruby don’t believe in feminism, she brings Diane to her feminist group; Junior and Jack help Dre after he realizes he is out of touch with modern-day feminism.”

As Rainbow gathers the first meeting of her new activist group for women of color, Ruby and Diane throw shade from the sidelines.
she invitations her faculty BFFs to hitch — vie by Ross’s Girlfriends co-stars Golden Brooks, Jill Marie Jones and Persia White. But then Diane realizes she might be into it. And despite hating the title itself, Ruby might be a feminist .

When Dre tells the waitress at lunch to smile, Jack and Junior are embarrassed. Dre doesn’t understand what was so bad about it — but maybe he’s just too far gone to be helped.
“Do men treat feminism like White race treat racism? Men are the white people of gender,” he realizes in horror.

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