Élite Season 5 Release Date, Time Schedule, Cast, Trailer

Élite Season 5 Release Date, Time Schedule, Cast, Trailer

Spanish teen drama series Élite Season 4 was released on Netflix in June 2021. This show about children at a posh prep school in Spain is a lot more interesting than you might think. Needless to say, you’re probably wondering when Season 5 will premiere. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about Elite season 5: the premiere date, cast, trailer, and spoilers. The return of everyone’s favorite Spanish teen drama series is very soon.  with a slew of new characters and plenty of drama in store for the students of Las Encinas.

Elite season 5 Episode 1 Recap

Élite Season 5 Release Date

Netflix, like usual, releases TV series and movies according to the time at their headquarters in California. Elite season 5 will premiere on Netflix on Friday, April 8th at 12 a.m. PT, but the precise time it will arrive on your account will vary depending on where you reside in the world.

When will Elite season 5 be available on Netflix?

Here’s when Elite season 5 will be released in your country.  The precise moment it is launched in your nation will be determined by your location and time zone.For a few significant time zones, these are the Elite season 5 release time Schedule:

12:00 a.m. (PDT) in the United States
03:00 AM (EDT) in the United States
3:00 a.m. (Toronto), 12:00 a.m. (Vancouver)
4:00 a.m., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
United Kingdom (GMT) – 8:00 AM
9:00 a.m. Europe (Central European Summer Time)
10:00 a.m. Europe (Eastern European Summer Time)
South Africa (Cape Town, Central Africa Time) – 9:00 AM
12:30 p.m., India (New Delhi)
2:00 p.m., Indonesia (Jakarta)
3:00 p.m., Philippines (Manila)
3:00 p.m. in Hong Kong
Singapore – 3:00 PM
3:00 p.m. (Perth), 5:00 p.m. (Melbourne) (Sydney)
4:00 p.m., Japan (Tokyo)
7:00 PM New Zealand (Auckland)

Who’s returning and who’s new in the Elite season 5 cast?

Itzan Escamilla (Samu), Omar Ayuso (Omar), Claudia Salas (Rebe), Manu Rios (Patrick), Pol Granch (Phillipe), Carla Daz (Ari), and Martina Cariddi (Menca) will all be back for season 5 of Elite. A few additional characters have also been added to the cast:

Isadora, a social media influencer, will be played by Argentinian actress Valentina Zenere.
Iván, the son of a world-famous football player named Cruz, will be played by Brazilian actor André Lamoglia. Eric, a student at Las Encinas, will be played by French actor Adam Nourou. Isabela Garrido, a Spanish actress, will also appear in Season 5, but her role has yet to be revealed. Arón Piper (Ander) and Miguel Bernardeau (Guzmán) are no longer members of the main cast. At the end of Season 4, the two leave on a trip together, and it’s uncertain if they’ll return for Season 5.

What occurs in the fifth season of Elite?

Each season of Elite features a compelling mystery. Elite season 1 was all about who killed Marina, Elite season 2 was all about Samu’s disappearance, and Elite season 3 was all about Polo’s murder. It’s uncertain what Elite season 5 has in store for us, but with many major cast changes, one thing is certain: there will be more upheaval. Season 5 of Elite will pick up following Armando’s assassination. The trailer depicts that Armando’s body has been discovered, and it appears that Samuel will be held responsible, despite the fact that Guzmán was the one who killed him.

In terms of relationships, Rebe and Menca are together, but they’ll have some challenges along the way, while Samu and Ari’s developing love is also having issues. Phillipe gets a new love interest in the form of Isadora (played by Valentina Zenere), while Omar is seen with Patrick. Iván, played by André Lamoglia, looks to have a storyline that revolves on Patrick as well. Expect more drama, more murder, more sex, and more stunning turns in this season of Elite.

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