Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Dark Winds Season 1

The storyline of “Dark Winds” centers on tribal police officer Joe Leaphorn, who is looking into a double homicide. Leaphorn decides to solve the crime even though it is the responsibility of the Feds because it took place on Native American territory and involved Native Americans. The heist that occurred three months before to the deaths is where the inquiry keeps taking him. Leaphorn is certain that there is a dark activity taking place in the area. The show moves slowly and keeps the mystery hanging.  It begins to provide some answers in the fourth episode. As the puzzle pieces come together, it becomes clear far more blood has been spilled since the robbery. More catastrophes for the residents of the reservation may result if the case is not solved quickly enough. The implications of the fourth episode’s events for the remainder of the season are as follows.

Dark Winds Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode reveals the purpose, although the third episode began in the immediate aftermath of the crime. BJ Vines is warned by Benjamin Tso about his ideas for the drill site during their meeting. He is aware that although the location may be valuable, what lies beneath it is what matters most. He threatens Vines subtly, but nobody notices. The robbery then takes place. In the present, Wanda suffers a spider bite and falls into a coma, leaving Chee and Leaphorn helpless. But Father Tso’s short conversation with Leaphorn prompts him to consider his past. It is found that Benjamin’s twin brother James Tso is in fact, Father Tso. Why he is pretending to be the pastor is still a mystery. Tso notices his own error and instructs Frank to be on the lookout. Frank should shoot both of the officers who arrive to take him into custody.  If we go back a little, we find out that Raymond, who did, in fact, make it to the river’s bottom, is murdered by Tso. The boy who purchases the helmet he had found in the lake at the flea market attracts Bernadette’s interest. She visits the lake in search of Raymond but instead encounters a firefight. The secrets that the season’s first half had been building toward beginning to be revealed in its second half.

The tip from Sally helps the case tremendously and gives it a lift that significantly advances the inquiry. Joe and Emma were unaware of Frank Nakai when Sally first told them about him. Chee, though, was already acquainted with the name. It comes out that Nakai had previously taken part in a few crimes, one of which involved Chee. Chee is aware that there might be some well-known names associated with the case now that his identity has been connected to the armored vehicle heist. Despite having already agreed upon not telling Leaphorn the identity of Nakai, Chee withholds the knowledge. Whitover, who is ecstatic with his success, asks Chee to protect the data for him. Chee’s only option at this point is to seize Nakai, imprison him, and then order the FBI to intervene with a warrant and take over the investigation. For him, the resolution of this case will have significant implications because he desperately wants to leave his reservation and receive the offered promotion in Washington, DC. His desire presents a challenge to Leaphorn, who is still preoccupied with the double homicides and who is about to receive a shock from him.

Leaphorn’s concerns are verified by Father Tso’s oversight. He and Chee learn that Tso was prepared for their arrival when they arrive at his door to bring him in for questioning. He arranges an ambush with Nakai, which would have gone well for him but for Bernadette’s unforeseen lakeside probe. Chee’s identity is revealed when Nakai, who is being arrested, recognises Chee. Leaphorn felt hurt since he kept Nakai’s identity hidden from him, and Bernadette is shocked to learn that Chee is FBI. Leaphorn and Chee later get into a fight as a result of this, and they don’t split ways amicably. Chee assures Leaphorn that he would support him in his efforts to look into the double crime. But Leaphorn’s experience shows that the FBI has never been interested in Native Americans’ lives, and they won’t start now.

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