Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 9: “Memento Mori” BAU nears Elias Voit’s Truth

Although some of the original cast members did not make the jump to the new Paramount+ series, “Criminal Minds: Evolution.” In addition, the online series follows a slightly different structure. . While the serial murderer known as “Sicarius” is frighteningly intelligent and brutal, even the best minds make mistakes. AJ Cook, who directed episode 8 shows the crew getting closer to discovering Sicarius’ true identity. On the other hand, Elias (Zach Gilford) tries to rein in his impulses by kidnapping a lady who looks like his wife and making her play the part of him. A difficult scenario arises for JJ (AJ Cook) and Will (Josh Stewart) when their oldest son overhears them discussing Sicarius and Will’s diagnosis.  What is going to happen next?  Criminal Minds: Evolution episode 9, You may see a synopsis and promo of the episode at, which will help you better comprehend the show.

Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 9 Spoilers

As you know that you’ve nearly reached the finish line. This is the second-to-last episode of the season. I’m curious as to what will happen in the next section of this episode. Unsurprisingly, most of us have formed the opinion that Elias Voit is the story’s protagonist. “Memento Mori” is the ninth episode of the first season of Criminal Minds: Evolution and whatever takes place in this episode is going to lay the setting for a very important event. There will be lots of excitement and tension, and David Rossi may be at the center of it all. In the last moments of Season 8’s eighth episode, David Rossi made the most significant development in the Sicarius investigation yet by going home to visit his wife.

Before Elias returns, he can talk to her and hopefully glean some additional information. Attempting to outsmart an UnSub may be one of the most challenging missions the BAU has ever taken on. With the BAU getting closer and closer to uncovering the truth about one Elias Voit, let’s hope it lives up to the expectations we have. In addition, there are a few secondary plots that need to be resolved as soon as possible. Take, for instance, Will’s current state of health. Also, the current situation with Tyler Green and Garcia. or whether or not Tara and Rebecca have a future together. Episode 9 or the season 1 finale of Criminal Minds: Evolution, we expect these plots to reach a compelling climax at some point. Breen Frazier wrote the episode, which Doug Aarniokoski directed.

Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 9 Synopsis: Rossi will go to any lengths to prove that Elias Voit is Sicarius. But Voit turns Rossi into his own worst enemy, putting his future at the BAU in jeopardy.

Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 9 Release Date

True Conviction is the title of the ninth episode. On Thursday, Feb 2nd, 2023, at 10 p.m., Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1 Episode 9 will air (ET) (Paramount Plus).  The length of Episode 9 is anticipated to be between 40 and 42 minutes, which is comparable with the length of the remainder of the series.   the season finale will begin streaming on the 9th of February. After the season finale, we’ll probably have to wait a while before the second season’s debut.

Where can UK viewers watch Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 9?

It has been revealed that Criminal Minds: Evolution will stream exclusively on Disney Plus in the United Kingdom, despite the fact that it will be broadcast on Paramount Plus in the United States (Monday, February 3rd).  The release date for people in the UK and elsewhere is, a day later.  This indicates that the relaunch will be added to the same streaming service as the original series, of which there are already fifteen seasons accessible to watch on Disney Plus.

The following timings are when “Criminal Minds: Evolution” Episode 9 will be available on Disney+:

On Friday, November 25, 2022, “Criminal Minds: Evolution” will release its first two episodes on Disney+ internationally in various nations, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland. The following is a list of when each of the new episodes will be released:

12 AM Pacific Time
Mountain Time: 1 o’clock
Eastern Standard Time: 3:30
UK: 8:00 AM
Australia’s Sydney at 2:00 PM

Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 8 Recap

In spite of the case being closed, the Criminal Minds: Evolution crew got closer to Sicarius in the eighth episode. But even without “officially” looking into him, the team was able to gather information. JJ also discovered that Henry knew much too much about her and her husband. While the BAU is unable to independently pursue Sicarius at this time, they can still assist other active investigations. When Cyrus LeBran’s death is discovered, and the investigators seek the BAU for help despite knowing about Sicarius, this is what happens. They learn that Cyrus took in his nephew when the boy’s parents perished in a fire at their apartment complex. Lee’s absence from the internet is only hinted to through homeschooling resources. Finally, Garcia and Rossi notice that their suspect is shown on the hardware store’s surveillance tape oblivious to a phone call. And Eli, in an effort to rescue his marriage, kidnaps a real estate agent named Ramona Havener. She called the police to claim she was okay, but Tara, Luke, and Rossi had their doubts. After Ramona provided Eli with the information he need, Eli said he’d let her go, but in reality he gave her to a man in his network. Although Rossi and Luke were successful in stopping him, they were unable to do so until they located Ramona. As a result of her fear of retaliation against her loved ones, she refuses to cooperate with authorities once she is located. Rossi, however, is unfazed. After comparing the phone numbers of people who called the hardware store and those who called from the northwest, Rossi decided to go door to door to try to establish a link. He arrives at Eli’s house shortly thereafter, where Eli’s wife has just hung up the phone. JJ and Will’s efforts to conceal their problems from their children served as a subplot throughout the show. Concerned for Sicarius and Will’s well-being, Henry overhears their conversation. Will and JJ try to calm him down, but Henry is already too familiar with them. In any case, I’m praying for a positive outcome. We can’t wait to see how things turn out now that the crew is closer to discovering Eli, especially since Garcia is supposedly still having sexual relations with Tyler.

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