Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 14 [Promo] it’s the 200th episode

Do you remember when Chicago Police Department‘s Kim Burgess was kidnapped and shot, and she came dangerously close to passing away? That terrifying ordeal will come back to haunt her in the 200th episode of the NBC procedural, which is scheduled to air next week. Fans are eagerly awaiting the new episode. What are your expectations for Chicago PD season 10 episode 14?  On, we have discussed it.

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Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 14 Spoilers

According to the official narrative for this hour, Burgess and her life partner Ruzek find themselves “stuck aboard the bustling ‘L’ subway train.” The name of title is “Trapped.” “As they piece together the meagre evidence, the crew is sucked into a disturbing family story. The close proximity of Burgess to the shooting brings back painful emotions. . Everything about this drama that has made it enjoyable throughout the years is celebrated in great detail. That entails some action-packed scenes and a few causes for some characters to have their mouths agape.

In the beginning episodes of this season, Burgess displayed symptoms of PTSD, such as her hand trembling uncontrollably in Episode 8. Showrunner Gwen has already discussed with TVLine the traumatic experiences that Burgess has had, as well as how the Intelligence officer will be compelled to face those experiences head-on in the episodes to come.  You can read the complete synopsis of the fourteenth episode of the tenth season of Chicago PD below, which will give you some additional insight into what the future might hold:

Chicago PD S10x E14 Promo

Chicago PD Episode 10.14 Synopsis: –  After a brutal shooting, Burgess and Ruzek find themselves trapped aboard the busy “L” subway; as they piece together scant evidence, the team is drawn into a dark family drama; Burgess’ proximity to the shooting triggers harsh memories.

Where I Watch Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 14 Online?

Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 14 will air on Wednesday, Feb 22, 2023, at 10 p.m. EST On NBC. It airs every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on Citytv in Canada, and it is broadcast on Sky in the United Kingdom. If you prefer live television, the episode will be available on Peacock TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu+, and Fubo TV. The episode will also be available on Google Play Movies & TV, Vudu, and Amazon Prime Video on demand.

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