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Check out Freddie Highmore in the brand new poster for The Good Doctor season 6

Check out Freddie Highmore in the brand new poster for season 6 of The Good Doctor!

Take a look at the brand new key art while you wait for the sixth season of The Good Doctor to premiere on ABC on Monday, October 3rd.

If you take a peek up there, you’ll notice that the most recent poster features Freddie Highmore alongside the following new tagline: “Everyone operates differently.” That fits in very nicely with a good deal of what has been shown on the show over the course of its existence. Dr. Shaun Murphy is not your typical medical practitioner; nonetheless, this is one of the reasons why he is so exceptionally talented. Because he is able to see things that other doctors are unable to, he is able to come up with new solutions and grasp things in a manner that is distinctive to him.

So what do we expect in the new season? it will be something that is profound, emotional and even inspiring at times. Shaun and Lea are now married, and his personal life is more stable than it has ever been previously thanks to this development. We are of the opinion that he might discover some solace in it, despite the fact that there are huge tensions at work and challenging cases that need to be resolved. There is also a significant cliffhanger that was left at the end of season 5 that needs to be handled, and it involves Dr. Lim. Additionally, throughout the course of time, several new people will come to the St. Bonaventure Hospital. Now we have a poster, but there is much more waiting for us at this location. We can expect to see the promo any time before the end of this month.


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