Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 5: D.A.’s office cuts a deal with Baker’s assailant

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 5 will release on 4 November 2022.  Frank investigates when rallies against a controversial NYPD unit disturb the Reagan family. Erin and the Dream Team clash when the D.A. makes a deal with Baker’s (Abigail Hawk) assailant.

Mayor Chase attempted to meddle in two cases in Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 4. Although he wasn’t the only one engaging in political maneuvering, his pressure on the DA’s office and Frank’s department had the potential to seriously taint the course of justice. The fact that Blue Bloods frequently offers a distinctive viewpoint on current events, particularly those that have an impact on law enforcement, is one of its strongest qualities. The majority of police dramas have made an effort to draw attention to issues with racism and policing. (read the recap below)  Fans are eagerly awaiting the new episode. What are your expectations for Blue Bloods season 13 episode 5?   You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the next new episode at

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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 5 Spoilers

Homefront is the title of the next new episode. Abigail Hawk in the role of Baker, there is a significant plot development on the horizon for her, and it is going to be one that is connected to her history. Hawk plays Baker, a member of Commissioner Frank Reagan’s (Tom Selleck) “inner circle” in the New York Police Department. According to the official logline, this will play a significant role in the forthcoming episode. The logline states that “conflict erupts between Erin and the Dream Team when the D.A.’s office reaches a deal with Baker’s assailant.” In addition, Abigail  Baker and the Dream Team will receive even more media attention in the future. Why would the DA’s Office make a deal in this situation?  On the other hand, After members of the Reagan family were harassed during an escalation of protests against a notorious NYPD unit, Frank began an investigation into the matter. it’s possible that there’s more going on here than just that! We are curious to see how everything plays out as we get further and further into the hour.  Keep in the mind, Blue Bloods will not air on November 11 for a week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but it will resume on November 18 with episode 6.

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 5:

Blue Bloods Episode 13.05 Synopsis:–  Frank launches an investigation after the Reagan family is harassed when protests against a controversial NYPD unit escalate. Also, Danny and Baez form an unlikely partnership with an informant in order to prevent a murder; Eddie lands in hot water after she defies a direct order; and conflict arises between Erin and the Dream Team when the D.A.’s office strikes a deal with Baker’s assailant.

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 5 Release Date

Blue Bloods S13xE05 will release on 4 November 2022 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, It Weekly releases on Fridays with an average runtime of 42-44 minutes.  If you have a cable subscription, you may watch ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 13 Episode 05 on CBS at the hour stated. The new episodes will be available on the CBS official website as well as Paramount+ after their release. Subscribers to DirecTV, FuboTV, and YouTube TV can watch the episode live. Post-release, the episode should be available on VOD providers like Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play, and iTunes. A Hulu subscription also gives you access to the first nine seasons of the show.

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 5 Main Cast

Tom Selleck (Frank Reagan)
Donnie Wahlberg (Danny Reagan)
Bridget Moynahan (Erin Reagan)
Will Estes (Jamie Reagan)
Len Cariou (Henry Reagan)
Sami Gayle (Nicky Reagan-Boyle)
Marisa Ramirez (Det. Maria Baez)
Vanessa Ray (Officer Eddie Janko)

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 5 Recurring Cast

Abigail Hawk (Abigail Baker)
Gregory Jbara (DCPI Garrett Moore)
Robert Clohessy (Lt. Gormley)
Steven Schirripa (Anthony Abetamarco)
Andrew Terraciano (Sean Reagan)
Stephanie Kurtzuba (Captain McNichols)
James Nuciforo (Nuciforo)

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 5 Guest Cast

Derek Gaines (Bugs)
Robert Stanton (Connor Kelly)
Tony Crane (Detective Hannigan)
Corey Knight (Jay)
Isabella Pisacane (Jackie/Morgan)
Dorothy Lyman (Elizabeth)
Fortuna Gebresellassie (Anna/Assistant)
Adrian Matilla (Hector)
John Plumpis (Papatonis)
Richie Allan (Martin)
Anita Gillette (Colleen)
Michael Jibrin (Lt. Greer)
Sunday Saari (Protestor #1)
Zachary Garmars (Protestor #2)
Sharaé Moultrie (Protestor #3)
Pascal Arquimedes (Citizen #1)
Mariam Habib (Citizen #2)
Janae A. Robinson (Citizen #3)
Jared Morrison (TARU Tech Walker)
Mark McKinnon (Officer Miller)

WRITTEN BY: Kevin Reilly
DIRECTED BY: Alex Zakrzewski

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 4 Recap

Baez and Danny attend a horrific robbery.  The victim needs his watch because the mayor’s wife is his client. Jamie’s supervisor insists he replaces a departing detective. Test. He owns his chosen officer. Officer Lester visits Frank. Frank says the mayor wants Lester’s shooting case revisited 26 months after he was acquitted. Nobody understands. Sid claims family pressures City Hall. Frank questions Lester. Lester hates what occurred but would repeat it. Frank rejects him and urges Sid to keep Lester hot. Erin interviews the uncooperative Baxter. He won’t admit to anything. Erin claims her offer expires when she leaves. Regardless. Danny wants another department to take this case. Luckless. Mayor wants them there. Danny doesn’t understand why a moron is wearing a super expensive watch while crime is growing and many people are struggling. Jamie interviews someone. Danny and Baez interview another shot victim at the hospital. The interview concludes when OR is ready. The victim’s mother wants Baxter jailed. Anthony told her Erin would do it. She confronts Anthony. He pressured her to press accusations, she thinks. Facts should guide her decisions. Anthony says Green ID’d Baxter. Cooper’s buddy tells Jamie that Cooper is always the first to run for disaster. He’s a street officer who only knows his partner’s greatness.

Danny and Baez find the robbers are taking watches across town. Two individuals snatched him of his watch but not his register. The family heirloom watch was cheap. Lester visits the boy he killed’s parents. They should know he thinks about Lewis every day. Unresponsive parents. Sid arrives and orders him away. Jamie interrogates Cooper to get a confession from a babysitter who reportedly shook a baby. Jamie watches Cooper yell at him. Danny asks a jeweller about his timepieces. Several stolen watches were bought here. Owner claims they’re NYC’s top luxury watch store. Danny suspects insiders. First victim bought watch from this seller. Danny catches him lying and suggests they discuss downtown. Cooper apologises again.  Erin chats to Green case detective. She says she did her duty and Erin can finish. Jamie visits Cooper’s partner’s hospital. He persisted on continuing and the suspect fired at them. Teddy considers hiring a lawyer but confesses that a guy convinced him to alert him when he makes a big sale so they may steal the watches and use the insurance money to buy new ones. Sean won’t reveal his Halloween outfit at dinner. He lost a bet and must twerk as Britney Spears. Frank says every boy wore embarrassing outfits. Erin claims Danny donned a dress as a costume. Frank recalls Erin’s Wonder Woman outfit that her mother thought was too revealing. Henry says six-year-old Frank dressed as Teddy Roosevelt.

Frank and Henry discuss Lester after supper. Danny and Jamie assist. Henry claims Lamar died because he disobeyed. Frank claims Lester quit and it’s out of his hands. He couldn’t resign because Frank is investigating him. He needs Lester to combat this. Danny and Baez buy pricey jewellery covertly. Two criminals try to steal Danny’s watch. Danny captures them and exposes the false watch. Erin asks Green about Baxter. Green has no signal knowledge. He gave them Baxter because they wanted it. Crawford tells Erin that Baxter wasn’t charged. Erin thinks Crawford gave her that case knowing she wouldn’t give an innocent guy a grand jury. Crawford advises losing her paranoia before running. Erin tells her that DAs must make tough decisions and handle criticism. She wanted no politics. Jamie tells Cooper’s partner that he’s doing all the work. He denies Cooper’s FIO candidacy. Cooper suggested hiring Christo. Danny’s clothes swagged Baez. He says she looked great. The store owner returns for his watch. DA returned it. The store owner had no idea the watch was 175k. Danny suggests hiding the watch face. Frank summons Lester. He demands a five-minute press conference. Confused Lester. Frank claims IAB cleared Lester using the Hubble telescope. A civil suit is possible. He always supports Lester. If he wants to resign, he will accept. Lester supports Frank instead.

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