Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 21 Recap

As Season 13 of the long-running family/police drama Blue Bloods comes to a close, viewers had delighted to see some familiar faces around the Reagan dinner table. Grown-up offspring Nicky Reagan Boyle (Sami Gayle) and Jack (Tony Terraciano) make a special appearance. In the finale episode “Forgive Us Our Trespasses”, fans were thrilled to see the return of Jennifer Esposito as Jackie Curatola, Danny’s former partner. Detective Danny Reagan and Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) team up with Jackie to track down a copycat killer whose crimes bear a striking resemblance to a previous case. In a timely twist, Commissioner Frank (played by Tom Selleck) finds himself at odds once more with Mayor Peter Chase (portrayed by Dylan Walsh) regarding the handling of New York City’s expanding homeless community. As Blue Bloods Season 13 unfolded, Erin’s dissatisfaction with her bid for DA became increasingly apparent. If you want to know what happened in the season 13 finale of Blue Bloods, you can read everything about it at

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 21 Recap

The episode opens with Danny and Baez arriving at the site of a murder; the victim is a 23-year-old newcomer named Rosalie Gonzales. The call was a health check-in of sorts. The police discovered her face down on her bed, with a rosary made of black onyx and a message that read, “Return to me for I have redeemed you.” Baez claims that the smothering and posing of the victim is classic Dr. Leonard Walker. Danny gets a call, and it seems like a copycat killer has struck again. There will be a press conference with Frank about the growing homelessness in the city.

Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan (Vanessa Ray) and Officer Luis Badillo (Ian Quinlan) arrive on the scene to find a bloodied woman who describes the suspect as wearing a grey hoodie, black trousers, and black and red shoes and estimating his age to be somewhere in his twenties. While on patrol, Jamie spots the suspect and gives chase, eventually catching up to him. The criminal assures Jamie that if he contacts Erin Regan, she will deal with him.  Erin’s ex-husband drops by her office to offer his best wishes as she makes her candidacy announcement. Anthony runs into the office and reports that he just visited the hospital with a woman named Louise Johnson, who was battered by a man named Tyler Green. A few weeks ago he was arrested on assault charges; instead of going to jail, he was offered the chance to participate in a program. However, he never showed up.

Jackie Curatola, Danny’s old partner, tells him that Melinda Cohen, a summer renter at a cottage off Main Street, was found killed with the rosary in her hands and posed for photos. She hopes to collaborate with you on the case. Baez contacts him, saying that she has just hung up with Bellehaven and that the killer in question is not a copycat because Dr. Leonard was freed three weeks earlier. Danny visits Erin and reports two additional female victims, at which point Erin releases Dr. Leonard. She informs him there are no fingerprints or any physical evidence. Two other ladies, he claims, have been murdered using the same method.

While driving, Frank and Mayor Chase have a heated argument over how to help the homeless. Chase requests that Frank’s men round up emotionally disturbed persons who have committed no crime. At the stoplight, a homeless man leaps onto their SVU and attempts to smash the windshield with a brick. They both see it as evidence that the other is right. Danny and Dr. Leonard are in an interrogation room, and Danny explains that he needs Dr. Leonard’s assistance with two further murder victims. Pictures of the ladies are shown to him. Dr. Leonard hypothesizes that a master and a student worked together to murder them. He simply identifies himself as “Jeremy” and leaves it at that. Danny says he needs to talk to Jeremy, but Dr. Leonard won’t give him any more information.

When Erin visits Louise Johnson, Louise is enraged that Erin let Tyler Green go and demands that she leave. When Danny and Baez ask the doctor at Bellehaven about Jeremy, he reveals that Dr. Leonard has another alias. Dr. Leonard suffers from dissociative identity disorder. Jeremy Leonard is the doctor. Sid and Abigail, the mayor’s security detail, tell Frank that news was spread when he got into his car. Those blocks were chosen as a diversion because there are two homeless shelters, three booze businesses, four cannabis shops, and a methadone clinic all within a foot of the intersection. The person who leapt on the SUV had a history of reacting strongly to police cars. They know the names of the police officers involved and there may have been a little push. Despite the obvious foolishness of his actions, Frank is not blaming anyone.

Janko and Luis visit Alissa Martin, a victim of an assault that occurred two months ago; Janko tells Martin that they have a suspect in jail. She emphatically rejects the possibility of his pursuing her once more. A member of the Flatbush Disciples gang, Janko recognizes the tattoo on her wrist as the same one worn by Louise Johnson. And as it turns out, Tyler Green is one of them as well. Frank returns to see Mayor Chase, saying that he is negotiating with the crooked police officers. A new intake center for the city’s homeless and mentally disabled will be dedicated tomorrow afternoon, according to Peter Chase. Either he stands with him on the stage and lauds him like the national song or the names of his police officers will be uncovered and leaked to the media.

When Danny discovers that Dr. Leonard has not shown up for work, he begins a patrol of his home, and Curatola eventually joins him. Danny gets a phone call: there’s been another murder. Cassandra Petsanas, 23, is the third victim; a half mile away, Dr. Leonard’s phone rings, indicating that he was nearby. Danny was outside his house when Dr. Leonard contacted the squad to wish him good night. The attorney for Tyler Green finds out through Erin that Green is facing 5-10 years in prison. He tells her she doesn’t have what it takes to prevail.

Baez claims that through DNA testing, they were able to identify the missing person as 66-year-old Miriam Walker. Dr. Leonard’s mother was last seen in the house they shared, but nobody has been found. That, according to Danny, is how they plan to capture him. They plan on joining in on his game. Danny is currently at Dr. Leonard’s office, holding the hair sample that he claims is his mother’s based on DNA evidence. As a result, Dr. Leonard storms out of the office. Baez tells Danny the good news that she has a warrant and the mother has a house in Manituk. Louise Johnson tells Janko and Luis that she was beaten up because she tried to leave the group. The only means by which someone gets out, according to Tyler Green, is in a body bag.

At Mayor Peter Chase’s news conference, Frank and Archbishop Kevin Kearns sit together; when Frank is called on stage, Kearns instead takes the mic to bless the cooperation. Kearns tells the three of them to put aside their political posturing and work together when they are later alone. Chase is reminded to show his respect for Frank by being forced to shake hands with Frank. There is evidence that someone has been misusing Mrs. Miriam Walker’s home since there is food in the refrigerator and the lights are on. In the cellar, a cadaver dog is hysterically barking at a wall. After Danny smashes the wall with a crowbar, they discover Mrs. Walker’s body.

The jury decided in court to accuse Tyler Green on two charges of attempting to kill and one charge of assault. Erin releases a statement to the media in which she reveals that Tyler is facing 25 years in prison and declares that she will not be seeking the presidency since she is already needed elsewhere. A book discovered in Mrs. Miriam Walker’s home revealed to Danny that Dr. Leonard was employed by Con Electric, which explains his access to the various establishments frequented by women because of his uniform. After Danny tells Caratula this, the power goes out in her house and Dr. Leonard attacks her from behind. Since the electricity went out, Danny and Baez rushed over to check on her. Thankfully, she was fine, and Danny chased after Dr. Leonard but lost him.

Blue Bloods Season 13 Finale: Ending!

In the finale episode of Blue Bloods Season 13, Erin made a significant announcement that she had chosen not to pursue the political race. After a long and arduous season, it was no shock to anyone that she had finally accomplished her goal. Erin’s unease with the DA race started when the image consultant demanded that she don outfits and record videos that didn’t align with her true self. Erin struggled with feeling inauthentic, but she pushed through it with the support of Anthony.  She tells her family during dinner that she is content with her choice. Frank claims he is just a lowly government worker who wants to make friends. And now, he is especially pleased to see everyone seated around the same table. They all say grace together.

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