Big Brother 24: [week #2] Brittany is in trouble once more

brittany hoopes-

Big Brother features contestants, called HouseGuests, who live in a custom-built house with cameras and microphones. HouseGuests have no outside interaction. During their stay, HouseGuests share their daily thoughts in the Diary Room. Each week, HouseGuests strive for power and safety. HouseGuests compete for Head of Household each week.
since BB24 started we entered 14 days. and we’re back today with a topic that appears to be reoccurring in the Big Brother 24 house: Brittany Hoopes‘s tendency to leak too much information.

Basically, one of her main problems is that Brittany (32 yrs old) talks to a lot of people and spreads rumors about how near the women get to one other and how tight some of the guys are. We know that people like Joseph, Kyle, and Monte are beginning to realize that there is a powerful women’s alliance. At this point, the ladies are concerned that Brittany is likely to desert the group and vote to remove Taylor. In actuality, she isn’t engaging in these activities, but she is accused of playing both sides because she disseminates information excessively. She might be a target for some of the boys, and Daniel has previously warned them not to trust her.

Michael and Brittany are close, so there is also the worry that he may automatically inform her about things now that she is less interested in telling him. He is about to enter a situation where it could be wiser to consider switching allegiances. Regarding other household activities, Monte and Joseph have advised Pooch to curb some of his campaigning and overly sentimental behavior. He’s going to have a harder time because it offends a lot of the other players in the game. He’ll have to operate covertly, but we’re not exactly confident someone of his caliber is actually capable of doing that.

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