[Day 9] Big Brother 24 Who won’s HOH in Week 2?

Big Brother 24

Who won the Big Brother 24 house’s second Head of Household competition? Especially in light of the recent chaos, we were desperate for an answer to this question. Even before the program began, we weren’t sure if there would even be an eviction!

The show’s opener, delivered solemnly by Julie Chen, states that the theme of tonight’s broadcast is to “expect the unexpected.” She has also stated that one Houseguest is leaving, which will result in an extraordinary change tonight.

Here is what truly occurred this evening.
The rest of the home, including Taylor, was secure after Paloma’s departure (which was confirmed). They all entered the following Head of Household Competition right away.

Why did Paloma Aguilar leave BB24?

A piece about Paloma Aguilar’s struggles within the home is coming up. It’s interesting how nicely they’re editing her here. Commenting on their worries about her mental health and conduct in the BB24 home.

Paloma stated that she was having anxiety issues and that she was not sleeping during her last few days in the residence. About a week into the game, we do notice some players struggling, though not quite to the same extent as with her. The exit doesn’t seem to be particularly difficult or contentious; Paloma made the decision to leave due to a “personal problem.” We can understand why she felt that the residence wasn’t the ideal atmosphere for her. Not everyone will enjoy it. The only information provided by the show was that she voluntarily departed the game and that was all. She will have a lot to answer for outside of the game, particularly for her remarks about Taylor, but we’ll see what happens next.

When Daniel eventually returns from the DR with a message from Big Brother, this eventually leads to the “where is Paloma” scene. Paloma has indeed fled the house and the game, he tells the HGs after reading it to them. Paloma has been expelled from Big Brother.  Julie declares that Brittany won the American vote for the Backstage safety twist. That might no longer be relevant. No eviction this evening!

The secret, according to Julie, was that one of the last two nominees, Taylor or Terrance, and one of the two other Backstage players, Alyssa or Paloma, would have engaged in combat, with the loser being sent home right away. But since Paloma stopped playing the game, that has been abandoned. So no one is currently kicked out! It’s time to move on to the following HOH competition.

Big Brother 24 Week 1 Results No Eviction this week, per the vote!
Well, there won’t be an eviction, but we still need a new HOH. I have no idea what Julie meant when she suggested that the HGs would compete as “Besties” in a recent interview.

Results for Big Brother 24’s Week 2 Head of Household Competition:

Round 1: Michael defeats Pooch
Round 2 pits Taylor against Alyssa, and Taylor prevails.
Round 3 pits Joseph against Indy, and Joseph wins.
Round 4 pits Brittany against Ameerah, and Ameerah prevails.
Jasmine defeats Terrance in round 5 of the competition.
Kyle defeats Turner in the sixth round.
Round 7 pits Monte vs Nicole, and Monte prevails.

The following people have won the HOH Part 1: Michael, Taylor, Joseph, Ameerah, Jasmine, Kyle, & Monte. They’ll move on to Part 2, which is likely to happen tonight at home before the Feeds come back. These details will be revealed later, and the competition will be resolved in Sunday’s episode after numerous retells.

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