Bel-Air Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date and Time | Spoilers | “Payback’s A B*Tch”

Bel-Air Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date and Time | Spoilers |

Peacock’s Bel-Air is a dramatic remake of the classic 1990s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which portrayed a fictionalized version of actor/rapper Will Smith as he moved from West Philadelphia to the luxurious Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousins. Will’s culture shock with the wealthy Banks family, normal family hijinks, Black culture and treatment in America, and class issues were all tackled in the six-season Fresh Prince sitcom. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: The Dramatic Reboot premiered on Feb. 13, bringing audiences to more serious and modern interpretations of the characters. It’s been a fascinating voyage thus far, but it’s far from over. With that in mind, When will Bel-Air Season 1 Episode 7 be released, and what time will it air on Peacock? here’s also a spoiler on what’s in store Bel-Air Episode 7. (Read the recap here)

Bel-Air Season 1 Episode 9 Release Date

What are the release date and time for Season 1 Episode 7 of ‘Bel-Air’?

There is a total no of 10 episodes. Bel-Air episodes 7 will air on March 10th, 2022 at 5 a.m. EST on Peacock. The popular series will premiere on Peacock in the United States, while Sky and NOW will broadcast it in the United Kingdom. You’ll have to go to a different streaming site if you want to binge-watch the 90s series. HBO Max has all episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, including the 2020 reunion special. Also Available on Now TV | Sky

‘Bel-Air’ Season 1 Episode 7 Spoilers

“Payback’s A B*Tch” is the title of episode 7. We’ll join Will and Carlton as they organize an extravagant house party at the Banks property. Meanwhile, Phil unexpectedly turns up for Viv’s art display, putting the relationship under even more strain. Will and Lisa kiss as episode 6 comes to a close, formally beginning their relationship. In the next episodes, things are going to grow a lot more problematic for both of them. Their families have sworn virtual war on one another. Fred has the ability to derail Phil’s campaign if he discovers what Phil did to have Will released from police custody. On the other side, after Kylo posts a video without her consent, Hilary decides to confront him. Needless to say, another dramatic and suspense-filled episode is on the way.

Bel-Air Episode 7 Synopsis: Will and Carlton throw a house party at the Banks mansion; when Phil unexpectedly shows up at Viv’s art event, their relationship is shaken by a lack of trust; Hilary stands up to Kylo after he posts a video of her without her consent.

Trailer for Bel-Air Season 1

In January 2022, Will Smith released the first trailer for Bel-Air on his personal YouTube channel, just a month before the show’s Peacock premiere. Take a look at the video below.

Bel-Air Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Will discovers that his West Philly buddies are attacking him on social media.  Phil is in a similar predicament with Fred Wilkes, and he persuades Will to work through his own troubles and recognize that those around him are also dealing with issues. Will appears to appreciate the empathy lesson and joins the rest of the family in assuring the fundraiser’s success. Hilary (Coco Jones) is having trouble adjusting to the hard and competitive nature of life in an influencer house. Despite this, she drops everything and rushes to her parent’s house when her mother requests her help with the food for the fundraiser. Lisa, understandably, is having the most difficulty. She doesn’t like the fact that her father married Angela, his second wife, a year after her mother died. Angela and Lisa have always had an acrimonious relationship. But now that Angela is expecting a child, Lisa feels as if her mother is fading away from their life.

Viv initially maintains a courteous tone in her interactions with Angela. Angela, on the other hand, ends up confessing that she and Fred were dating while Lisa’s mother was still living. Viv becomes enraged, and by the end of the episode, she has unloaded everything on Angela. Ashley intends to tell Lucia how she feels about her after speaking with Hilary, but she stops when she learns that the other girl has a crush on Will. Ashley is going through her first heartbreak, and she has her big sister to assist her to get over it. Ashley resolves not to tell anyone else about her interest in girls for the time being. Lisa tells Will that she needs to walk on eggshells around Carlton due of his unpredictable emotions, which Carlton overhears. This causes Carlton to have one of his most vehement outbursts. When Will arrives to pick him up, Carlton has already started taking Xanax. Until now, their relationship has been primarily adversarial. As Carlton breaks down in his cousin’s arms, things start to look up. Meanwhile, Phil has grounds to believe that Reed Broderick has returned to Viv’s life with a hidden agenda.

Bel-Air Season 2

Following the Bel-Air season 1 finale episode on March 31, viewers will no longer be concerned about the drama’s continuation in season 2. Bel-Air Season 2has already been confirmed. Following a bidding war for the series in the summer of 2020, Peacock offered an unusual two-season order. This means that after the first season, there will undoubtedly be more Bel-Air. Season 2 will be broadcast on Peacock, but no details about production or a release date have been released.

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