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Where is Bashford Antiques Owner Jillian Now?

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“Clamped” is a full-length documentary by David Farrier that looks into the Bashford Antiques incident, mainly the questionable actions of car clamping at the second-hand store in Auckland. This makes the story more involved as it unfolds. The documentary delves into the friendship between Jillian Bashford and Michael Organ. It shows how the two met and what part Bashford played in what happened.

Who is Jillian Bashford?

A big part of this story is about Jillian Bashford, who runs Bashford Antiques. The second-hand store Bashford Antiques is found at 24 Williamson Avenue in Auckland. Around 2016, she was having trouble with people parking in her private parking lot after work hours, which is when Michael Organ stepped in to help. This answer to a parking problem that seemed harmless turned into a story of abuse and harassment. At first, Bashford was shown as the victim of illegal parking, but his story became linked to Mister Organ’s controversial methods.

The video shows that Jillian Bashford had given Organ permission to clamp, saying that it was legal and within her rights as the property owner. But things got worse as the program went deeper into how Bashford and Organ interact with each other. Through Farrier’s research, he found a disturbing story about people who had met Mister Organ and been through emotional and mental pain. Even after this news came out, Jillian Bashford stayed by Organ’s side, helping him make decisions and keeping up a steady relationship, though it was still unclear what it was.

Where is Jillian, the owner of Bashford Antiques, now?

For unknown reasons, Bashford Antiques closed its doors in 2018. It was the end of an era for the vintage store. Even though the store was closing, Jillian Bashford kept taking online orders from customers and showed off her skills by combining modern art and ceramics with strong country and decorative painting pieces from Spain, France, Eastern Europe, and India.

After the documentary came out in 2022, Jillian Bashford and Michael Organ got a lot of attention and made a big move: they moved to Whanganui, New Zealand. The most recent information says that they are still together but not very public. Jillian sometimes has booths at the city market, where she sells antiques and decorative arts, which she loves.


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