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El Pequeño Nicolás: Where is Francisco Nicolás Now?

Francisco Nicolas Now

“Little Nicolas: Life of a Scoundrel,” a docuseries on Netflix, tells the amazing story of Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, better known as “Little Nicolás.” With his charm, wit, and bravery, this young man was able to get into the top echelons of Spanish society. He exposed scandals and made people think about power, influence, and ambition. The series, which you can now watch on Netflix, is an interesting look at how Nicolás got into the inner groups of Spain’s elite while leaving a trail of scandal and controversy behind him.

Who is Little Nicolás?

His birthday is April 18, 1994, and he was born in Madrid, Spain. Born in 1994, Nicolás was raised by his grandma until he was 18. He grew up in the working-class neighborhood of La Prosperidad. Even though Nicolás came from a poor family, he had big dreams of having a life of wealth and power.

Nicolás’s early life took a turn when he was kicked out of an elite school in El Viso for getting bad grades. After that, he went to a school for top players and started to show how driven he was to do well there. Back then, Nicolás began to make connections with other people and use these contacts to move up in his job.

Nicolás started lying when he said he had political and business ties that he used to scam dozens of people. This was after a short time working as a public relations agent in nightclubs. He rented expensive cars and even paid bodyguards to back up the lies he told.

What did Francisco Nicolás do?

When Nicolás started to get into the top levels of Spanish political and economic power, things took a dramatic turn for the worse. He is said to have pretended to be a member of the Centro Nacional de Inteligencia (CNI), Spain’s intelligence service, and even went to see King Felipe VI crowned.

People were scammed by Nicolás, who said he had links that led to big business opportunities that never came up. To improve his fake image, he also hired security guards and rented expensive cars.

Timeline and Charges for Francisco Nicolás’s Case

Among his many crimes from 2009 to 2014 included infiltrating the nation’s highest echelons of political and economic power and committing fraud, forgeries, and identity theft. However, this so-called CNI agent/collaborator was not apprehended until October 14, 2014, after an extravagant and improper performance at Ribadeo, when he pretended to be a royal emissary.

In October 2014, Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias got into trouble with the law when he was arrested on charges of fraud, forgery, and identity theft. Even after he was arrested, Nicolás kept making news by saying he worked for the CNI, the Spanish Royal Family, and the vice president of the Spanish government.

Nicolás was released on bond without posting a security deposit after his initial arrest in January for failing to pay a restaurant bill; nevertheless, he was re-arrested in February for the same offense.

Nicolás faced his first trial in July 2021, leading to his three-year imprisonment for active bribery and takeover of public responsibilities. On December 12, 2022, he was found guilty by the provincial court of usurpation of public responsibilities and falsifying official documents by posing as a government envoy to facilitate the sale of real estate. The court also handed him a further three years and five months in prison.

Nicolás was further sentenced to four years and three months in March 2023 for active bribery, violation of official secrets, discovery/disclosure of secrets, and a fine of 7,300 euros. Over the years, Nicolás was charged with and convicted of many crimes, such as lying on his ID to have a friend take his tests, abusing his position in the government, taking active bribes, and finding and sharing secrets. After all of his crimes, Nicolás got twelve years and five months in jail.

 Where is Little Francisco Nicolás Now?

As of the most recent news, Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, also known as “Little Nicolás,” is being punished for what he did. Nicolás was sentenced to twelve years and five months in jail for crimes like forgery, fraud, identity theft, and other crimes related to how he lied to and manipulated other people, even though he made appeals.

Nicolás’s future is still uncertain because he is waiting for the court to make a ruling. Even though he plans to keep spending time with his loved ones and hopes that the “Young Influence” political party returns, it is still uncertain if he will be able to accomplish this without serving a lengthy prison sentence. His story shows what can happen when people are too ambitious and how far some people will go to reach their goals.


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