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Bashford Antiques: Where is Michael Organ Now?

Bashford Antiques: Michael Organ

In the adorable Auckland neighborhood of Ponsonby, a story that seemed normal took a strange turn when a character named Mister Organ showed up. At first, the story was about the strange practice of locking cars at Bashford Antiques. But it went beyond strange local events and turned into a dark story of manipulation and torture. David Farrier, a documentary “Clamped” producer, came across this mysterious person and started looking into them. This led to an investigation that not only showed how Bashford Antiques exploited its customers but also showed Mister Organ’s disturbing patterns of sadistic narcissism.

Who is Michael Organ?

Michael Daniel Albert Organ is a controversial person who is linked to the Bashford Antiques incident. He got a bad reputation for charging ridiculously high prices to clamp cars’ wheels on the property of the second-hand shop in Auckland where he worked. Organ has a complicated past. Before he was involved in the car clamping case, he owned a sex shop.  It was said that he did this strange thing to get back at the people who kicked him out of a sex shop on K Rd.

In the past, he has also dressed up as royalty, which got him in trouble with the law, including time spent in jail for stealing a boat. He is also known as Count Michael Andrassy-Organe and Prince Michael Organe-Schirinksi. These titles, which are often linked to royalty, show a tendency to take on identities that aren’t normal. His many different names add to the mystery surrounding who he is.

David Farrier’s documentary “Clamped” looks into the complicated and dark sides of Michael Organ’s life. It sheds light on his past and shows how his actions affected those involved in the Bashford Antiques incident. Michael  Organ tried to stop David from releasing “Mister Organ” in 2022 by filing a temporary protection order against him, but it didn’t work.

Where is Michael Organ Now?

Even though he has a troubled past that includes being convicted of yacht theft in 2002, there have been no new lawsuits or complaints directly against him. The most recent information we have shows that Michael Organ is still in New Zealand. It’s even more interesting that Michael Organ has a complicated relationship with Jillian Bashford-Evers, who owns Bashford Antiques lives with him Even though we don’t know all the details, the fact that they share assets and continue to live together says that their relationship goes beyond work.


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