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Where is Denise Huskins’ Husband Aaron Quinn Now?

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True crime films are always changing, but Netflix‘s three-part docuseries “American Nightmare” has made its mark as an engrossing look into the strange case of Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn. Similar to the famous “Gone Girl” case, the show grips viewers by showing the bizarre consequences a couple faces after being wrongly accused of a fake. tvacute looks at different parts of Aaron Quinn’s life, the events that led to Denise Huskins’s mysterious disappearance, and also where is Aaron Quinn today.

Who is Aaron Quinn?

Aaron Quinn was having a normal life on Mare Island with his girlfriend, Denise Huskins. They began their journey together in 2014 when they were both determined physiotherapists. But in March 2015, something strange and scary happened in their home, which was a sudden turn in their lives.

Before the shocking events, Aaron’s home life and work life were connected. While he worked with his love Denise and his ex-girlfriend Andrea, tensions were building. When Denise found texts between Aaron and Andrea, they got into a heated argument. Aaron wanted to fix his relationship with Denise.

What happened to Denise Huskins?

In the early hours of March 25, 2015, thieves broke into their home in Vallejo, California, and said they were there to steal something. Aaron was given sedatives, blindfolded, and then left alone. He woke up to find Denise gone and a text message demanding £11,000 as a payment and strongly telling him not to call the police.

When Aaron went to the Vallejo police to get help, they were skeptical and questioned him for 18 hours straight. He was seen as a suspect instead of a victim when accusations came out about his connection with Andrea. Aaron was put through a lot of problems by both the police and the public after a lie detector test supposedly showed he was lying.

The turning point came when an audio clip of Denise was found, proving that she was still alive. But when she came back, the media and cops wouldn’t admit they were the ones who were wronged. Aaron and Denise were instead called hoaxers and told they were wasting time and money for the government. Not until Matthew Muller, the real criminal, was caught did things start to get better.

Where is Aaron Quinn Now?

Even though it was a terrible experience, Denise and Aaron stuck to their story. They wrote a book together called “Victim F: From Crime Victims to Suspects to Survivors” to share their stories. They also did interviews and sued the City of Vallejo, but the case was settled out of court in 2018 for $2.5 million. Denise has moved on from the trauma and is now enjoying being a mom. In 2020, he and Denise had their first child, a girl named Olivia. Two years later, in 2022, their family grew when their second girl, Naomi, was born. Since Aaron is still working as a physiotherapist and a Doctor of Physical Therapy in California. Both are featured in American Nightmare on Netflix.


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