Bad Education 2020 | New Trailer | Starring: Hugh Jackman

HBO has discharged a trailer for its up and coming film, Bad Education, which stars Hugh Jackman as a school area administrator trapped in a misappropriation outrage. The film, which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival a year ago, will air April 25th, 2020 on HBO.

Official Link for Bad Education HBO

The official synopsis : “Based on a true story, a student reporter starts to trace embezzlement at the Roslyn School District in Long Island after the assistant superintendent makes a crucial mistake that hints at corruption that spans over a decade. Dr. Frank Tassone, played by Hugh Jackman, serves as the superintendent of the district that he led to be the fourth-best in the country. He’s forced to deal with the fallout of this scandal and attempts to protect others — and himself.”

Hugh Jackman stars close by Allison Janney and Ray Romano in the movie, which was coordinated by Cory Finley. The film depends on the 2004 New York Magazine article by writer Robert Kolker (Lost Girls). The film performs one of the biggest training embarrassments in American history in which Tassone and region official Pam Gluckin, played by Janney, were blamed for taking several thousand from the region’s financial limit. Screenwriter Mike Makowsky was an understudy in the genuine area when the outrage broke.

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