Apple TV+ High Desert Episodes 1,2, and 3 Recap: Explained!

High Desert, a comedy series created by Nancy Fichman, Katie Ford, and Jennifer Hoppe-House, debuts on Apple TV+. Patricia Arquette, an Emmy and Oscar winner, plays Peggy, a barely sober addict in California’s parched Yucca Valley, whose chaotic life takes up when she decides to try her hand at becoming a private investigator. Peggy foolishly pursues leads that ensnare her with dubious art collectors and a self-styled guru (Rupert Friend) in a truly strange caper while working (barely) with a burned-out P.I. played by Brad Garrett. Peggy’s adored deceased mother (Bernadette Peters) and a stranger who remarkably liked her. Or is this simply one of Peggy’s delusions?  Catch up on all the excitement with our ( breakdown of all three episodes.

High Desert Season 1 Episode 6: Dona’s Disappearance
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Apple TV+ High Desert Episode 6 Recap
Apple TV+ High Desert Episodes 1,2, and 3 Recap: Explained!

High Desert Episode 1 Recap “Pain Management”

In 2013, the story opens with Peggy and her family getting ready for a holiday dinner. But the peace is broken when the FBI comes to the residence unexpectedly. Peggy and Denny (Matt Dillon) rush to get rid of the drugs before the police arrive. Ten years later, Peggy has settled in a city reminiscent of a 1950s Western. Her sister Dianne (Christine Taylor) and her husband come to see the performance where she is performing as a bartender. During their talk, Dianne admits that she and her siblings are unable to keep Peggy financially afloat now that their mother has passed away, and that they intend to sell their mother’s house.

After meeting Carol (Weruche Opia) in a bar and seeing a commercial about a private eye who conned Jeanie, Peggy gets the idea to become one herself. Inspiring, Peggy pays a visit to Bruce (Brad Garrett), the PI from the commercial, and threatens to sue Jeanie for $300 if Bruce doesn’t pay up. Peggy’s offer to bring clients to Bruce’s shop ultimately convinced him to take her on as an intern, despite his initial refusal. Peggy is overjoyed about the prospect of a new career, and she tries to tell her sister Dianne and her husband, but they are too focused on the sale of their home to pay attention. Peggy utilizes her persuasive abilities to give them more time when the landlord comes to collect unpaid rent from Bruce, which impresses Bruce and leads to an internship opportunity.

At the end of the episode,  Bruce offers to pay Peggy 10% of any business she brings in, which is more than Peggy was hoping for, but it’s still not what she needs. Peggy takes medication out of exasperation after her sister Dianne and her husband completely disregard her attempts at contact. Peggy visits Denny in jail and tells him she wants a divorce since she has kicked her drug habit for good. Instead of granting her divorce, Denny blames her acid use for her refusal. Even after he signs the divorce papers, Peggy finds out he signed them as Frank Sinatra, which makes her very angry and unhappy. Over the course of the thrilling, Peggy goes from a tumultuous family reunion to contemplating a new profession as a private investigator. It delves into topics such as family dynamics, individual aspirations, and the difficulties of making a fresh start in an unorthodox environment.

High Desert Episode 2 Recap: “Two Knockers and No Boyfriend = A Felony” 

The opening scene of the episode features Peggy fondly recalling a game of bingo she once played with her mother Rosalyn. The plot thickens as our protagonist returns to her former workplace, only to be met with a shocking accusation of theft from the safe. In a clever twist, the protagonist skillfully demonstrates her innocence by uncovering the fact that the safe code and the alarm code are identical. In this episode, our protagonist persists in her efforts to convince Bruce of the potential financial gain that could come from the Picasso painting housed within Guru Bob’s residence.

In this episode, Peggy takes on a new challenge as she attends a security guard and private investigator class at the request of Bruce. The instructor’s requirement for certification is a rigorous 50-hour training program. The instructor’s leisurely pace fails to captivate the viewer, resulting in a lack of engagement and an early departure. In a surprising turn of events, the protagonist reaches out to Carol for assistance after her departure. Carol, being the supportive friend she is, agrees to take on the protagonist’s class. the protagonist is left questioning her own reality as she claims to have seen her deceased mother board a bus. However, her friend Carol insists that they witnessed the mother’s body in a casket. The tension and confusion at this moment leave the audience on the edge of their seats.

In this latest episode, we witness the heart-wrenching breakup between Guru Bob (Rupert Friend) and Tammy, leaving the latter in a state of utter despair. Peggy’s keen observation skills lead her to notice Tammy’s new appearance and question the source of her sudden financial means. Peggy’s sharp deduction skills lead her to the shocking revelation that Tammy has committed theft and used the ill-gotten gains to undergo cosmetic surgery. Tammy pleads with her friend to keep a secret while Peggy offers her protection in exchange for ending a relationship with Guru Bob.

Peggy embarks on a mission to uncover the truth by paying a visit to Guru Bob’s residence. tensions rise as Bob’s attempt to earn a living is rudely interrupted by an unexpected visitor. The confrontation that ensues is a testament to the complex dynamics at play between these two characters. Peggy stands up to the character’s attempts to impress her with his supposed wisdom and instead demands payment for a previous transaction involving breast augmentation. The intense exchange between the two characters culminates in Peggy’s decision to investigate the restroom.

In this intense scene, Peggy’s investigation leads to a dangerous encounter as two menacing men confront Guru Bob and put his life in peril. This intense scene features a high-stakes conversation between two individuals, one of whom is in a life-threatening situation. The dialogue centers around a valuable painting that was sold for a staggering $3 million. the characters are on a mission to uncover the truth behind Bob’s mysterious sale in Boston. The character delivers a compelling performance as he demands the return of a significant sum of money, adding to the tension of the scene.

Peggy makes her way to the local bingo hall for a thrilling game of bingo. The character’s descent into addiction is portrayed with a rapid and intense pace, as she turns to pills and alcohol to cope.  Guru Bob accidentally calls the protagonist while facing the consequences of his actions. Meanwhile, the tension builds as the protagonist backs up her car and collides with a truck, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats as the episode concludes.

High Desert Episode 3 Recap: “I’m Getting Close to This Guru Bastard”

We open on Guru Bob frantically bursting through the doors of the emergency room, clutching his severed nipple in his hands. He pleads with the medical staff to save it, explaining that it was viciously cut off by unknown assailants who are hot on his trail. Previously on our show, Peggy’s car was left in shambles after colliding with a truck. And now, we’ll pick up right where we left off.
After narrowly escaping that perilous situation, she finally arrives back home to her sister. Upon arrival, she proudly showcases her mother’s beautiful home to an admirer who she quickly sends packing. In this scene, Peggy excitedly shares news of her new job with her sister. However, she finds herself in a bit of a bind when she realizes she needs a new car to get to work. Desperate for a solution, Peggy musters up the courage to ask her sister for a favor.
The protagonist’s significant other has disappeared without a trace. In a dramatic turn of events, he professed to have fled to Mexico, but the family remained unconvinced. With a staggering $70,000 reward on the line, the stakes have never been higher. As the tension mounts, Carol and Peggy are both convinced that Bob is the culprit behind the heinous crime. As the duo considers their options, they begin to believe that they just might have a chance at winning the coveted reward money.
As Peggy divulges the latest scoop on Guru Bob’s significant other, Bruce remains unfazed, having already been privy to the juicy details. In a dramatic turn of events, he revealed that she had left behind a note, emptied their joint bank account, and the authorities had discovered their car in Mexico. Peggy’s reaction to the news was unexpectedly positive, as she eagerly looks forward to pursuing the reward money. Carol reveals to Peggy that she, too, has laid eyes upon Peggy’s mother at the bus stop. In a moment of panic, Peggy slams her foot on the gas pedal and races after the bus.
In the upcoming scene, Peggy bravely faces the woman on the bus. As she boards the bus, she comes face to face with a woman who bears a striking resemblance to her mother. However, upon closer inspection, she realizes that this woman is a complete stranger. We have a New York-based actress in town. As Peggy disembarks the bus, she confidently exchanges phone numbers and assures her companion that her acting career is far from finished, citing her connections in the industry.
In this scene, Carol suggests that the protagonist turn her experiences into a play as a means of working through her personal issues. Peggy receives a phone call from the hospital informing her that Bob has only provided her phone number as a means of identification. Peggy comes to the rescue, retrieving him from the hospital and successfully transporting him back home. In a tense confrontation, he demands payment from her for his actions against Tammy (Susan Park). Despite his drugged state, he coerces her into signing a check for an amount higher than the debt owed.

Did Owen clear her name and get out of jail?

In this episode, Owen finds herself in hot water after attempting to cash a check from Peggy. Things take a turn for the worse when she is arrested for getting a stolen check.  In a dramatic turn of events, she rushes to the jail to bail him out and offers a heartfelt apology, promising to make amends by repaying the money owed.  she winds to Guru Bob’s house, demanding that he drop the charges. But he has different intentions, as he convinces her to join him for a dinner date. After some negotiation, the pair finally reaches an agreement. As she sells his masterpiece, she secures a 20% cut, along with an initial payment of $4,000 that he owes Tammy. However, if the payment bounces, she’s not afraid to take drastic measures and claim his other nipple.
Just as the partnership is on the upswing, the duo seeking payment from Guru Bob makes an unexpected appearance. In the next scene, Dianne frantically dials Peggy’s number to deliver the urgent news that Denny has been released from jail and is now pounding on their door. Peggy commands her sister to vacate the premises and instructs Denny to accompany her. Guru Bob inquires, “Who is Denny?” Peggy exclaims, “My husband.” As she steps into her abode, Denny is already inside and utters the words “early release” as the episode comes to a close.

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