Alone Season 9 Episode 5: [The Land Giveth..] Remaining 8 Participants are trying hard to Survive

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In AloneSeason 9 Episode 4, Tom has only finished building one wall of his permanent structure. Benji wakes up early to find the beaver he shot and cooks it by steaming it. Tan lost 23 pounds in two weeks without protein. Terry risks hypothermia. At the end of episode four, there are still eight competitors. Igor decided to quit after three weeks due to poor nutrition and health.  After watching the fourth episode, Let’s move ahead. So, here’s what’s in store for Alone Season 9 Episode 5,’s everything we know so far about the new episode, including the release date.

Alone Season 9 Episode 6: As the first month ends, the lack of food and desire to go home rise.

Alone Season 9 Episode 5 Recap

Alone Season 9 Episode 5 Spoilers

“The Land Giveth..” is the title of the fifth episode of Alone season 9. Benji thinks he can last longer than 100 days and prevail. The participants will not stop looking for creative ways to hunt, but they will also be looking for ways to protect their food supplies. One survivalist places a significant emphasis on completing a challenging shelter build. A survivalist stops what they are doing to get some much-needed food.

Alone Season 9 Episode 5 synopsis,  The participants continue to look for new ways to hunt, but also to preserve their food sources; one survivalist leans heavily on a taxing shelter build; a survivalist pauses their own work for some much-needed sustenance.

Alone Season 9 Episode 5 Release Date

Alone Season 9 Episode 5 will air on 23 June 2022 at 9/8c On History. New episodes are delivered weekly and each episode lasts approximately 93 minutes. Discovery+ distributes the show, which airs on The History Channel. If you can’t watch the cable TV show, you can watch it later on the official History website. You can also choose from live streaming platforms such as Fubo TV, Sling TVDirecTV, and Philo TV where the show is available. You can rent or buy individual episodes or entire seasons on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and Apple TV.

What is the best way to watch Alone Season 9?

Thursdays on The History Channel and Amazon Prime in the United States Also available on Fridays on the History Channel app  (Android, iOS, Roku, smart TV). Canada: History Channel and Amazon Prime on Thursdays. On Fridays in the History Channel app with a VPN linked to the United States (Android, iOS, Roku, smart TV).

Alone Season 9 Remaining Contestant List

• Adam Riley
• Benji Hill
• Jessie Krebs
Jacques Turcotte – Eliminated (1)
• Juan Pablo Quinonez
Igor Limansky
• Karie Lee Knoke
• Terry Burns
• Tom Garstang
• Teimojin Tan

 Is Alone Season 9 available to watch on YouTube?

YouTube doesn’t have Alone’s full episodes. The History YouTube channel has several footage from multiple seasons. Full episodes aren’t available because Discovery+ and The History Channel are the main distributors. Discovery+ is a membership service that includes History, HGTV, TLC, and many more networks. Sling lets you stream shows like Alone online. Stack also serves Canadians.

Alone Season 9 Episode 4 Recap

Terry hasn’t pooped for more than ten days. he is concerned that his constipation may kill him. He needs the huge game to survive. He sneaks to the river at night to look for a beaver. He finds one but doesn’t shoot. On the next day, His body is suffering from not being able to poop. His muscles twitch and cramp hours later. He also has gastrointestinal pains. but after some time, he feels rejuvenated and healthy. Terry rises before daylight to hunt beaver. His first arrow kills the beaver, and then he waits until the animal’s body is near enough to the shore to be seen. He risks hypothermia but has no option. he exits above 40-degree water with the beaver. Tom has only finished building one wall of his permanent structure. he is hungry and goes fishing but shoots a grey jay. To improve the flavor, he plans to use it with fish in a stew. He’s thankful the region is still producing brook trout. he reels in a large brook trout from his favorite spot. he cooks fish on a dish made of little branches. Teimojin Tan lost 23 pounds in two weeks without protein. he still works in his shelter. For the meal, he’ll set snares and forage. His camp is near lots of squirrels he is making spring pull snares to catch squirrels. but squirrels are more active. He collects firewood while looking for a squirrel and feels stuck. Meanwhile, his first shot kills a bird and celebrates. he roasts it and eats protein soon after.

Benji wakes up early to find the beaver he shot the night before. He finds its body. he worried the meat will spoil if it doesn’t cool down. He prepares the beaver by steaming it. He gets the beaver ready in several parts. He constructs a smoker and grills beaver parts. Beaver fat moisturizes his hands naturally. He thanks the land for dinner. On the next day, Benji wants to shoot a bear to gather enough meat to continue his trip. Benji sets up a camera a half-mile from his camp. A bear is caught on camera visiting the gut pile. he is proud of his progress. Igor’s shed 25 pounds. he is back hurt and his heart is deteriorating. He thinks his erratic heartbeat is from not eating enough. he’s tired. His log cabin is harder than expected, especially since he’s not eating much. Igor goes fly-fishing. It’s a weakness in his skill set. Seals in the river. he faces opposition to food. as hunting harbor seals is illegal. Igor brings one mussel to camp. then he boils it with seaweed. he also produces charcoal toothpaste He then carefully rebuilds his log cabin. He’s slow and requires more logs. He didn’t sleep well and confesses his body feels exhausted. Stretching doesn’t help his back, and his heart keeps bothering him, so he taps out before he hurts himself. He’s disappointed he didn’t last three weeks but can’t risk back or heart harm.

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