Alone Season 10 Episode 8 Recap: Who tapped out?

In this thrilling tenth season of Alone, the competition is reaching unprecedented levels of intensity. As the thrilling episode 8 of the History Channel‘s riveting reality show, we find ourselves amidst a nail-biting atmosphere with only five determined contestants left in the race. The survivalists are shivering now that winter has arrived. The approaching cold, the scarcity of fish, and the stress of going without food for weeks have taken their toll.

The contestants’ fortitude and resourcefulness are put to the ultimate test as the winter weather worsens and food becomes more scarce. We follow the struggles of Mikey Hilton, Alan Tenta, Melanie Sawyer, Tarcisio “Taz” Ramos Dos Santos, and James “Wyatt” Black in this episode as they try to endure the challenging circumstances and find enough food to outlive their rivals. Viewers see each contestant’s grit and fortitude as the episode goes along. But for some, the harsh circumstances become too much, resulting in emotional decisions and agonizing tap-outs. ( We have a recap of Alone Season 10 Episode 8 in case you missed the exciting conclusion.

Alone Season 10 Episode 9 Recap: Who tapped out?

Alone Season 10 Episode 8 Recap

The 32-year-old Rome, Georgia resident Mikey Hilton is dealing with a rat infestation at his shelter. Although they are essentially field mice, Mikey declares war on them because their noise keeps him from sleeping. Four mice, a meager but valuable source of energy, are caught by him. The first two mice are eaten right away, but the remaining two are stored for later. In order to provide a better future for his special needs child, Mikey is driven to outlast his rivals.

Mikey uses his survival supplies to grind up some flesh and bones to make Pemmican, a concoction rich in protein and fat. Mikey appreciates the food’s nutritional worth despite its unpleasant taste. He also gathers berries, turning them into fruit leather to increase their usefulness. Mikey’s heart is broken over missing his son’s fifth birthday, but he is unwavering in his will to persevere and succeed.

Alan Tenta

Mice invading his environment is a problem that 51-year-old Alan Tenta from Columbia Valley, British Columbia, also has to deal with. A mouse by the name of Scottie quickly perishes after gnawing a hole in Alan’s jumper. When Alan uses his ingenuity to successfully catch a grouse, he gains essential food and reaches a significant turning point in his quest.

Alan perseveres despite the challenges thanks to his optimistic mindset. He continues to fish and gather food with his survival gear, which now includes a bow and arrows. By Day 36, he had shed an impressive 41 pounds, demonstrating his tenacity and willpower.

Melanie Sawyer

Using historical survival methods, 54-year-old Essex County, New York resident Melanie Sawyer concentrates on hardening her shelter. She occasionally feels homesick, but she’s determined to keep going. Melanie makes sure she has a lot of berries because she relies on them for food. Her motivation in times of emotional hardship comes from her love for her spouse and their engagement. Day 40 finds her working diligently while considering her experiences.

James “Wyatt” Black

Wyatt, a 51-year-old Canadian citizen from Ontario, conceals a wound caused by a stick impalement. Although he is still positive about his future, the chilly weather makes it difficult for him to catch fish. He persists nonetheless and is happy that he made it to Day 40. Wyatt emphasizes harvesting berries to avoid them being covered by snow as the storm increases. He relies on his survival gear to face the hard weather because his supplies are running low.

The eighth episode of season ten of Alone, “Infestation,” highlights the survivalists’ tenacity, resiliency, and emotional struggles in the face of severe weather and a lack of supplies. Each candidate confronts different obstacles, and their triumphs and setbacks showcase the genuine character and adaptability of people. The rivalry heats up when the field is reduced to four contestants, and the survivalists must work hard to outlive their rivals and win the title of top survivor.

Tarcisio “Taz” Ramos Dos Santos

Taz, a 35-year-old who holds citizenship in both Sergipe, Brazil, and Becket, Massachusetts, prioritizes fishing to keep himself energized. But when his gillnet fails, he switches to active fishing. He succeeds in catching a little lake trout and a sizable pike, which he uses to make fish head soup. Unexpectedly, Taz hunts and kills a marten to exact revenge on the marten for taking his fish.

Taz sets out on a moose hunt on Day 37, aware that a huge game could alter his odds of surviving. Building a guitar gives him comfort as he explores the world of music to improve his mood. Taz sings a song in which he expresses his raw emotions, including his love for his children and the difficulties of being alone. A mix of emotional issues and running out of food prompts him to tap out. Taz entered the Alone contest with the hopes of winning enough money to send his two kids to the United States. But now that he’s hungry, he knows he can’t keep going any further in the race.  Taz has been out in the wild for 40 days.

Alone Season 10 Episode 10: Only Three Survivalists Left

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