All American Season 3 Episode 17 Preview & Release Date (Special Episode) “All American: Homecoming”

All American Season 3 Episode 17 Preview & Release Date of Special Episode:

In the last episode of All American, it was tense. some relationships seem to be forming, someway the relationships get tangled, which will affect the rest of the episode. To find out what happened in episode 16, tv acute has given a small recap below, do read it once. So before that let’s have a look at episode 17 titled (All American: Homecoming) of All American Season 3 which is all set to come out next week. This is going to be the most important because it’s the pilot of the All American: Homecoming spin-off show. In which we will set the stage for a new series with some new characters as we watch Spencer’s (Daniel Ezra) story progress. they meet Simone’s Aunt Amara (guest star Kelly Jenrette), a journalism professor. So be prepared for a new setting, at HBCU in Atlanta. Are fans getting excited for All American Episode 3.17? To know more about  New Episode, enjoy its synopsis and promo below with tv acute.

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All American Season 317 Synopsis:  MORE TO THE STORY – Ready to get out of town for a few days, Spencer (Daniel Ezra), Olivia (Samantha Logan), Jordan (Michael Evans Behling), and Simone (guest star Geffri Maya) decide to visit Simone’s aunt’s Amara’s (guest star Kelly Jenrette) at her HBCU in Atlanta where she is a journalism professor. The group is relishing campus life, but it also is giving Simone and Olivia a different perspective they weren’t expecting. While enjoying herself, Simone has a run-in with a star baseball athlete named Damon (guest star Peyton Smith), who she learns has his own reasons for being on campus. Meanwhile, Amara is on to a big story involving her college and takes a risk that could make her unpopular. Michael Schultz directed the episode written by Nkechi Okoro Carroll.

All American Season 3 Episode 17 Release Date

All American Season 3 Episode 17 will release on Monday, July 5 at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW. After this, there are two episodes left for this season, Homecoming on All American Episode 17 which fans are eagerly waiting for. Apart from this, new season 4 is also coming. You can also stream the show on live TV and VOD platforms such as YouTube TV, DirecTV, iTunes, Xfinity, Hulu LiveTV, Fubo TV, Spectrum, Google Play,  Microsoft Store, and Amazon Prime Video. Netflix users can also watch previous seasons.

All American Season 3 Episode16 Recap

Spencer doesn’t want to leave the family behind and move to Ohio. Jordan makes her understand that everything will be all right. Jordan and Simone (guest star Geffri Maya) have a wedding Billy and Laura receive a wedding invitation. They are unhappy Billy and Laura argue. Then Laura decides to go to the wedding. Preach is also not happy with Mo. Because he has hidden his secret. Cop invites Spencer to a Friendsgiving. He cannot say.
Dylan tries to mediate Grace and Carter, and Grace also draws Dylan closer. Simone, Jordan, Spencer, and Olivia decide to move to Atlanta to visit Simone’s aunt’s HBCU campus. Layla wants some time to be friends with Spencer again. Asher receives an interception and introduces Montes to her husband. Olivia (Samantha Logan) goes to Layla’s house to talk to her. Carrie lied to Olivia and then to Layla. And replies that Laila has a headache.

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