Alert Missing Persons Unit Episode 6: “Tim and Amy” Case

On the fifth episode of Season 1 of Alert: Missing Persons Unit, tensions between the Grant and Batista families reached a boiling point. The fighting between the siblings has caused a rift between the children and their parents. The situation involving Miguel was unique and different from what we’ve seen in previous episodes. He wasn’t kidnapped, but he did leave on his own to avoid his brother and return to the lady he loved and their child. Additionally, the new information we have learned about Kemi’s past.  (Read the recap below)The events of last week’s episode “left viewers eager to see what Season 1 Episode 6 has in store. To find out when the next episode of Alert: Missing Persons Unit will be broadcast. You can get more details about Episode 6 of Alert: MPU on, which you can access using the link below.

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Alert Missing Persons Unit Episode 1 Recap

Alert Missing Persons Unit Episode 6 Spoilers

In the new police procedural titled “Tim and Amy”, Jason (Scott Caan) and his MPU colleague Mike (Ryan Broussard) leader to the Allegheny Mountains to search for a missing couple. When Jason is deep in the woods looking for a missing couple, he runs into some pretty serious problems and some bad guys. At the same time, Jason’s suspected once-missing son Keith (Graham Verchere) enlists in a trauma therapy group, where he forms a connection with a fellow patient.

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Alert (MPU) Episode 6 Synopsis

Jason and Mike search the Allegheny Mountains for a missing couple; Keith bonds with a patient at a trauma therapy group.

Alert Missing Persons Unit Episode 6 Release Date

Alert: Missing Persons Unit ep 6 begins on Monday, February 6, 2023, on FOX. The next episode of the crime drama series, titled Miguel, will likewise be about 45 minutes long, like the previous episodes. We get  Alert Episode 1 debut on Sunday, January 8, and Episode 2 on Monday, January 9 at (9:30–10:00 PM ET/PT). And it will then make its time period debut on Monday.

Alert Missing Persons Unit Episode 5 Recap

A man and a woman in labour and bleeding out are caught in traffic on their way to the hospital when a man from another car nearby jumps out and starts chasing them with a gun. The man flees in his car, distracts the man, and leaves the pregnant woman alone to seek aid. In a confrontation with his parents, Keith finds out that he was forced to undergo a DNA test cos of Sydney. Sydney and her buddy watch as police officers exhume a corpse. Because of Sydney’s scepticism and the results of the DNA testing, Keith gets frustrated and reminds her that his abductor is still at large. Miguel’s brother Shane, who claims to be involved in foster care, is interviewed. Shane is also in charge of international organisations that provide social assistance and the like. A tip leads Nikki and Kemi to Miguel, who they eventually track down to the train station. He then declares that no one can help and leaps onto the train tracks. Despite Nikki’s best efforts, the man refuses to move out of the way of the train, and he is killed. Although Nikki is eager to wrap up the case, Kemi informs her that Miguel was having a child with a mission lady named Shane, who has been gone for two years. Kemi felt she recognised a deceased person at the station.

Nikki breaks the news to Salgado that his brother has committed suicide. Salgado contacts Miguel’s pursuer to share the bad news. This appears to have been premeditated since the man is now on the lookout for Shane. After some investigation, they discover that someone used Miguel’s account (his brother) to put a month-old baby up for adoption and that there is a black market baby selling thing happening thru the foster care process Miguel was a part of. Kemi receives a notification regarding the man she saw at the train station years ago. C retrieves the corpse from the water. When Keith gets out of class, Sydney and Quinn decide to tag along. The girls are freaked out because Keith is going to obtain a pistol from his closest friend’s house. Kemi tells C that the man she saw is a prime suspect in a case that happened 18 years ago after she runs an image video of him. They learn that Shane is not the only missing woman after receiving leads on other women who vanished two years ago but were later found to have given birth, suggesting that women are being abducted and compelled to become pregnant for the baby market. It’s conceivable that Saldago’s latest acquaintance will be the next victim to be sent somewhere and killed. The villain rushes into the hospital to kill Shane, but Mike and Jason arrive just in time to scare him off. Mike is trying to bargain with him after he has taken a man hostage, but Jason appears and kills the captive.

After discussing Jason’s tendency toward hasty judgement, Mike has become increasingly frustrated by this trait. In the midst of the hostage scenario, he tries to communicate with Nikki, but she is more concerned with him giving up his weapon. Mike, still irritated that they haven’t spoken anything and that he’s still being iced out of their life, blasts Nikki for all her risky behaviour. They conclude that Saldago is involved in the disappearance of the women. Saldago is furious at the ladies who he believes were responsible for the death of his people. Since these ladies are the direct descendants of the multinational corporations responsible for ravaging the land, this is clearly an act of retribution. C provides Kemi with information that corroborates her hypotheses. They discover where Saldago has hidden the women and storm the building in an attempt to rescue the girls. Saldago runs away as a woman gives birth. While Saldago has Jason held captive, Nikki comes to the rescue of the women. Mike calms Saldago down with some reasoning. Sydney informs her folks that she is staying with Keith and his gun. Kemi tells her father that her kidnapper is still alive. Her dad thinks she should stop doing it. The two discover Keith sleeping in the basement, which seems familiar, and he admits that he obtained the firearm from a pal. He had this pellet rifle in the hopes of frightening his captors. C tells Sydney that the bones belong to a boy between the ages of 10 and 14, and that she is now holding them. To her, they are her brother and she has conversations with them.

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