Alert Missing Persons Unit Episode 7 [Shannon]

In Alert Missing Persons Unit we saw Keith’s captor still has influence over him is terrifying. If this guy is actually Keith, he sure seems scared. There’s little doubt he went through some terrible experiences, but we’ll have to wait and see what the show reveals. The back-and-forth between Mike and Nikki has reached a stalemate, at which time they should choose between their two primary desires.  (Read the recap below) The events of last week’s episode “left viewers eager to see what Season 1 Episode 7 has in store. To find out when the next episode of Alert: Missing Persons Unit will be broadcast. You can get more details about Episode 7 of Alert: MPU on, which you can access using the link below.

[Two Hour Season Finale] Alert Missing Persons Unit Episodes 9 and 10: Nikki’s kidnapped
Alert Missing Persons Unit Episode 1 Recap

Alert Missing Persons Unit Episode 7 Spoilers

Fans of Graham Verchere will have something to look forward to in the seventh episode of Season 1 because it has been much too long since Keith has had any quality time with his parents. There will be some focus on Jason(Scott Caan) and Nikki’s personal life, as we see them both bonding with their kids.  But even though Jason and the rest of the MPU are spending quality time with Keith, they are still working on a case that involves a pair of twins.

In the grand scheme of things, this one certainly sounds intriguing. Another abduction, but this one has a pressing timeline and some intriguing circumstances. The missing woman in this episode is named Shannon, and the synopsis implies that the crew will acts quickly to locate her before she is brutally killed. To begin with, the person they’re looking for is a twin. This raises the question of how she got into trouble or what kind of trouble has found her. In addition to this, it is an excellent investigation for Kemi to have a significant role in, and judging by the way things are shaping up, it appears like she will be joining the other agents out in the field for this particular case.

Alert Season 1 Episode 7 Promo

Alert (MPU) Episode 7 Synopsis

Jason and Nikki utilize a twin sister when a missing person case turns into a possible murder investigation; Kemi helps C with his dating life; Keith gets reckless.

Alert Missing Persons Unit Episode 7 Release Date

Alert: Missing Persons Unit ep 7 begins on Monday, February 13, 2023, on FOX. The next episode of the crime drama series, titled Miguel, will likewise be about 45 minutes long, like the previous episodes. We get  Alert Episode 1 debut on Sunday, January 8, and Episode 2 on Monday, January 9 at (9:30–10:00 PM ET/PT). And it will then make its time period debut on Monday.

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