A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 10 Recap

Delilah is played by Stephanie Szostak, an original cast member who is back for A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 10. She sells and moves out of the Dixon home which she and her late husband Jon (Ron Livingston) raised their family in before he took his own life. We are brought to the flashbacks. This event gets the friends back together, and everyone hugs, even though Sophie, Delilah’s daughter, is trying to hide her relationship with Tyrell, played by Adam Swain.   Plus, it’s hard not to get emotional when  Theo (Tristan Byon) admits he has mixed feelings about Delilah’s homecoming because he still holds her responsible for the end of his parent’s marriage.  (tvacute.com) Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 10, in case you missed the episode.

A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 10 Recap

The episode opens with a tour of Jon and Delilah’s new home before they’ve even moved in. “We are going to make so many happy memories here,” he assures her. They are so innocent and sweet, not realizing the destruction that the next decade or so is going to bring. Now jump to the present Delilah is at her house, covered by boxes. and Eddie informs her that the packers and movers have arrived.

Delilah keeps having flashbacks to times in her life when she was with Jon. She mentions that they had discussed going to France once the kids were old enough for school on the day he obtains the Bruins season tickets. And now that Sophie is a first-grader. After mentioning that she doesn’t really know anyone in Boston, Jon offers a quick fix by inviting Eddie, Rome, and Gary he met in the elevator over for dinner. Immediately, she has new friends. Another flashback shows a harried and distracted Jon ignoring Delilah’s suggestion that they go to France around the same time that Sophie is considering higher education. Instead, he offers the suggestion of relocating her father to the United States and then dashes out. Immediately prior to Eddie’s communication to Delilah expressing his appreciation for their recent hangout and expressing his want to do it again.

Sophie and Tyrell are continuing having sexual encounters and seem to be enjoying themselves, but Tyrell is still unsure about their relationship. Later, he asks her to join him, but she declines. Eddie figures out what’s going on. Sophie explains that she doesn’t want to risk losing Regina if things with Tyrell turn sour. Eddie reassures her by explaining that his relationship with Delilah exploded apart the whole friend group. There are some people you just can’t pick and choose to fall in love with, she realizes. Finally. Tyrell and Sophie reveal their relationship to Rome and Regina and share their excitement about spending the summer in Haiti together.

In the midst of wedding preparations, Katherine’s mother recommends that Greta, not Katherine take her shopping. She later explains her actions by giving Greta $5,000 for the wedding. Katherine finds out and tries to return the gift, but her mother does not agree.  Delilah begins to worry that she won’t receive an invitation to Katherine and Greta’s wedding when she sees that Sophie and Danny have already received theirs. After all, she tells Eddie, she played a major role in the divorce between Eddie and Katherine. Theo doesn’t want Delilah there. When Katherine finds the invitation in Theo’s suitcase and confronts him about it, Theo acknowledges that he brought it. Theo explains everything to Delilah at a pizza night, and she takes his clarification with grace. Theo claims that Katherine has explicitly stated she needs to be present.

Gary and Maggie bring Javier to their cancer support group for his first formal outing. Their arrival coincides with a member’s sad explanation of how chemotherapy has derailed her attempts to start a family. But later, after meeting Javier, the woman who was diagnosed approximately a year ago informs Maggie that she no longer feels hopeless about having a family. Then, Gary and Maggie reflect on the one-night stand that sparked their romance. By the conclusion of pizzeria night, Rome has rallied his pals around the cause of getting Regina elected to the city council, and she has agreed to run with Rome overseeing her election campaign. Eddie and Delilah are the only ones left in the house now. She tells him she’s lonely in France despite her firm belief that she’ll always live there. She reflects on her decision to move. Sophie and Danny interrupt them just as they begin to discuss whether or not she would remain. She switches off the light and exits for the last time after reminiscing about her time in the house with Jon.

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