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Netflix, the OTT streaming company, is gradually establishing itself as the most popular destination for fans of international films and shows. Following the success of previous shows and films such as ‘Squid Game,’ ‘Crazy Rich Asians,‘ ‘Bling Empire,‘ and ‘Upcoming Summer,’ the streaming giant is looking forward to adding ‘Light the Night’ to its outstanding portfolio. You’ve found the best spot to acquire the School of Chocolate Season 1; synopsis and trailer at

‘Light the Night,’ set in Taipei’s Red-Light District in the 1980s, explores the lives, loves, and problems of the mama-san Rose and the hostess women of a prominent nightclub. Continue reading to learn more about the new Chinese thriller, which will be available to stream soon.

When will ‘Light the Night’ be released, and where will it be available to watch?

‘Light the Night,’ has a total of 24 -episode series that will launch on November 26, 2021. The first eight episodes will be available for streaming on November 26, the second batch of eight episodes on December 3, and the last eight episodes on December 10. Netflix subscribers can subscribe to the service directly through a mobile app store (App Store, Google Play). You can also view it by signing up for a free trial of the platform. Aside from that, users can choose from a variety of subscription plans offered by Netflix.

What is the story behind ‘Light the Night’?

The series is set in 1980s Taipei and follows the mama-san Rose and the ladies of a popular nightclub in Taipei’s red-light district. The series is a genre mash-up that combines a murder mystery thriller with an emotionally charged drama. “I was handed the script for Light the Night before the show went into production, and I fell in love with it right away,” says Jerry Zhang, Netflix’s Manager of Content, who recalls reading all 24 episodes in a matter of hours. “The tension of the murder mystery drew me in, as did the backstories of each character.”

Who’s in the cast of ‘Light the Night’?

In her role as mama-san Rose, Ruby Lin takes the lead in ‘Light the Night.’ Cheryl Yang, Yo Yang, Rhydian Vaughan, and Derek Chang also star in the series.

What are the names of the Light the Night’s showrunners?

‘Light the Night’ is directed by Lien Ye-Chi. “We were able to fully satisfy our artistic vision because we had the luxury of presenting our story over 24 episodes with such a large ensemble,” he stated during the show’s press presentation.

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