9-1-1 Season 7 Episode 7 [Preview] Ghost of a Second Chance

9-1-1” Season 7’s next episode, “Ghost of a Second Chance,” will take fans on a thrilling ride as a terrifying kidnapping takes place, putting lives at risk. The video that was just released gives us a sneak peek at the exciting things that will happen.

The promo opens with a frantic call to 911 from a married woman who has been abducted. She calls the emergency number and pretends she is calling the Sunset Regency Hotel to reserve a room. Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) quickly sees how bad things are and tries to help.
But things go wrong when the kidnapper figures out the woman’s trick. The call ends suddenly with a car explosion, which shows how violent the kidnapper became after being caught.

The promo also gives a sneak peek at how the 911 team responded to the kidnapping. Viewers can see the team running to the scene, ready to save lives and stop the danger. The 911 team races against time to save the kidnapped mother and her infant child. People are in danger, so every second is important.

 911 Season 7 Episode 7 Release Date

“911” Season 7 Episode 7 will air on ABC on May 9, 2024, at 8/7c. All episodes from Season 7 of 9-1-1 are now available to stream online. The premiere can also be watched on the Fox website or the Fox Now app for iOS and Android devices in addition to television. The newest episodes of “9-1-1” are available on several different streaming platforms, including Google Play, YouTube TV, SlingTV, Fubo TV, DirecTV, iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Vudu, Hulu Live TV Xfinity, Spectrum.

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9-1-1 Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: Chimney and Maddie’s Wedding

At the beginning of the episode, things take a surprising turn when Chimney (Kenneth Choi) gets viral encephalitis while on the phone. Because of this, he starts to forget who he is, where he works, and most importantly, that he is going to marry Maddie soon.

At the same time, Maddie and the 118 teams are working hard to find Chimney, who has gotten lost and isn’t sure where he is. Chimney goes on a strange trip through Los Angeles, visiting places from his past while fighting his inner demons. One of these demons is Doug, Maddie’s dead ex-boyfriend, who shows up as a ghostly figure to Chimney.

Kenneth Choi, who plays Chimney, talks about how hard it is to play a character who is forgetful and about to die: “He’s got amnesia, he has brain fog, and he’s about to die—those things are hard to play.” But if you do the work and study, they’re worth it.

Chimney’s situation gets worse, and his late cousin Kevin comes to see him. Kevin helps him remember where he is and how to get back to Maddie. Now that Chimney can remember things again, he races to the hospital to marry Maddie in a touching ceremony attended by their friends and coworkers from the 118.

One of the shocking parts of the show is when Buck tells Chimney and the rest of the team by accident that he is dating Tommy. Even though he was shocked at first, Chimney supports their relationship, which fits with the show’s theme of acceptance and inclusion.

Maddie and Chimney say their vows in a touching service at the end of the episode, which shows how much they love each other and how strong they are in the face of hardship. Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers’ “Islands in the Stream,” sung by Jennifer Love Hewitt, adds a beautiful and touching touch to the wedding scene, making the show more emotional.

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