911 Season 6 Episode 10 Recap

In the second half of the season, the first responder drama 9-1-1 returns with a “dry” thunderstorm that brings chaos and keeps the 118’s crew busy due to lightning strikes. Capt. Bobby (Peter Krause) has a completely different iron in the fire, and he has enlisted the help of his cop wife Athena (Angela Bassett) and her daughter May (Corinne Massiah) to join a rehabilitation clinic in order to look into the death of his AA sponsor. In other family-related news, Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is waiting for her parents, Gregory Harrison and Dee Wallace, to arrive at the house she and Chimney (Kenneth Choi) are building together. The house remains in the construction phase. (tvacute.com) Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of 9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 10, in case you missed any of the exciting moments.

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911 Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: In a Flash

Bobby and his group ultimately decided to visit a nearby beach. In order to soak up some rays, a group of people decided to visit a beach. The children planned to play a joke on their father by burying him in the sand as he slept, but a dry storm was passing through at the time. In the midst of the storm, lightning flashed. And then the lightning struck the sand. It turned to glass instantly, and a shard pierced their father’s neck. Dad became stuck in the sand, and the kids couldn’t dig him out. They were compelled to dial the emergency number. As a result, Bobby and his crew answered the phone. When trouble arose, the 118 arrived promptly. They smashed the window and dug the victim out of the sand. They stabilized him, but they knew he needed more intensive care, so they took him to the hospital.

Again, the firemen succeeded in a daring rescue. One for the record books, for sure. They were all relieved that it had a good conclusion, but Chimney especially was elated. As a rule, Chimney was the more optimistic of the two. He alone had good reason to fear what would happen next. Chimney invited his wife’s family over for dinner. His gf was anxious about the reaction of their friends and family to the new residence. Maddie anticipated their criticism. Chimney saw the best in Maddie’s relatives while she was convinced they would despise the improvements. Buck, he predicted, would be present. He reassured Maddie that they no longer had to worry about anyone in the family keeping a dark secret from them. They needed to get through the evening’s meal alive.

Later, Phillip and Margaret dropped by. They made no complaints and never mentioned that they had provided the couple with the money they needed for the house’s down payment. They acted quite well. There are no sarcastic praises from them. Buck, too, was maintaining his composure. Before the unexpected visitors showed up, his treatment had been helping him deal with his feelings in a healthy way. Chimney’s dad showed up at his house quite unexpectedly. The same dad who didn’t worry about making sure his son had shelter now wanted to get to know him.

As his mother became ill, this man essentially disappeared from Life. He promptly remarried and had another son to take Chimney’s place. Chimney’s close friendship with his half-brother is a miracle in and of itself. Instead of succumbing to jealousy or rejecting his father’s new family, he chose to be a good person and accept them. He made a grab for Albert. He became friends with Albert. Now that they were close, Albert invited their dad to dinner.

Foreseeing that Chimney would be dismayed, Albert decided against it. As a result, he didn’t send a message to let them know their dad was going to the United States. The trip to South Korea was short but sweet for Albert. As he got home, he saw both of his parents. They were happy to hear that Chimney and his family were doing well and that Chimney’s father had shown interest in his granddaughter. Intending to talk to Jee-Yun was a priority for him. To avoid getting in trouble, Albert took his folks to visit Chimney. We were all fed, thanks to Chimney. A seat could be found for everyone at the table.

It turned out to be only Chimney who was feeling down. He kept his feelings to himself during the meal with his in-laws since he didn’t want to cause a scene, and he vented to his buddies at the 118 afterward. Intent on isolating himself from his father, he was reminded by his buddies that he needed to respect his dad’s new role as a grandpa. It was Jee-Yun who altered the situation. She may long for a doting grandfather who can also teach her Korean. She did have Maddie’s parents, but they weren’t in California either, so she probably wouldn’t mind if her own didn’t come to visit as much.

Later, when they were called to the scene of a car crash, Chimney was still deliberating. When lightning hit their automobile, they were taking a pregnant woman to the hospital. The airbags deployed and the automobile crashed as a result. In the midst of the collision, the infant was thrown out. He appeared to have stopped breathing. He lost his umbilical cord as his mother was unbuckled from the car seat. When Bobby took the infant from the automobile, he quickly clamped the umbilical cord. In a similar vein, he had to work on this infant for a while before it began to cry. Blessedly, the 118 helped the mother, son, and driver escape harm.

Yet, it wasn’t all rosy. When we last left Bobby, he was investigating the death of his sponsor. To look into his suspicion that a nearby treatment clinic was involved in Wendell’s death, he enlisted the aid of his friends Athena and May. May act the part of a drug user. She went there to seek information. She discovered that the patients were being given narcotics in exchange for the opportunity to use the facility in relative safety. Their method of care has resulted in the deaths of several patients already. May need only conclusive evidence to bring about the collapse of the entire structure.

Chimney’s family narrowly avoided disaster when she questioned those in the vicinity of the epicenter. When Buck told his parents he was assisting a buddy in starting a family, it caused an altercation. The Chimneys’ dad and stepmother were also present. They were against Buck’s choice. Buck’s parents were slightly more tolerant, and a brawl broke out between the two groups when the lightning knocked out the power. The slumber of Jee-Yun was broken. Everyone’s tempers were calmed by her, and she was hailed as a peacemaker. Almost quickly, everyone began to apologize for their rude behavior. They had a wonderful day spending time with Jee-Yun.

Buck had said in retrospect that the experience made them feel like a whole family at last. He set out for work every day eager to serve others since he was so content with his life. When that foolish lightning struck again, Buck was halfway up a ladder to a blazing structure trying to save a family. Suddenly, the ladder was struck by lightning. Buck was instantly floored by it. Fortunately, he had a harness on, and it saved his life when he fell. But his heartbeat eventually stopped. And it was necessary to send him to the emergency room.

911 Season 6 Episode 10: Maddie’s Parents Returned!

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