Everything you need to Know Yellowstone: 1923 Release Date, Cast, and Trailer

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The year 1883 may have ended in tragedy, but the Duttons will live on. Taylor Sheridan is working on a sequel to his original Yellowstone prequel series, currently titled 1923. The show was first announced with the title 1932, hinting that it will focus on the Great Depression. The series will cover the conclusion of WWI and the beginning of prohibition, according to Paramount, which confirmed the name change on June 20.

Taylor Sheridan, the show’s creator, chose a precise time period for the new prequel because he wanted people to see the children they met in 1883 now raising another generation. It takes place 30 to 35 years before the birth of John Dutton III, who is played by Kevin Costner in Yellowstone. 

1883 chronicled the Duttons’ trek across the plains to Montana and explained why they chose Montana over Oregon as their final destination. Elsa (Isabel May) was shot in the liver with a Lakota arrow before James (Tim McGraw) and Margaret (Faith Hill) could make it all the way to the Pacific Northwest, and James took her to die in a lovely Montana valley that would later become the Dutton home. Elsa’s younger brother, John, grew up to carry on the Dutton name and commemorate his sister, but that element of the story is still unclear and should become clearer in the months ahead. here’s what (tvacute.com) we know about the early Duttons’ future steps.

Dutton Family Tree – ‘1883’ to ‘Yellowstone’

The new drama of ‘Yellowstone’ 1923 will “introduce a new generation of the Dutton family. The official description reads, “1923 focuses on the Dutton family’s next two generations as they struggle to survive historic drought, lawlessness and prohibition, and an epidemic of cattle theft; all battled beneath the cloud of Montana’s great depression, which preceded the nation by almost a decade.”

Yellowstone: 1923 Release Date and Where to Watch 1923

1923 (New title) will air on Paramount+ on December 18. While Yellowstone airs on Paramount Network and streams on Peacock, 1923, like 1883, will be broadcast on Paramount+. while 6666, another Yellowstone spinoff, will air on Paramount Network.

Yellowstone:1923 Cast

The announcement that Academy Award nominee Harrison Ford and Academy Award winner Helen Mirren would star in the new series from Paramount+. Harrison Ford’s character’s details are yet to be revealed, but he will lead the prequel, following in the footsteps of Tim McGraw in 1883. Helen Mirren’s most well-known films include The Queen, Prime Suspect, and The Audience. Her character’s details are yet to be revealed in Y:1923, but she may have a tight relationship with Ford. No further cast members have been added to the list yet, but we will keep you updated as more information becomes available. Kelly Reilly, who played Beth Dutton in the original Yellowstone series, expressed interest in appearing in the prequel.

The 1923 prequel series starring Taylor Sheridan continues to attract A-list talent. Brandon Sklenar will portray one of the Dutton ancestors in Paramount+’s most recent Dutton-centered prequel, which has just added a number of actors, including James Badge Dale and Darren Mann.  Michelle Randolph, Marley Shelton, Brian Geraghty, Aminah Nieves, and Julia Schlaepfer are additional cast members for the prequel.

A new generation of Duttons will be introduced to viewers in 1923, which will be set during the Prohibition Era and follow them as they deal with some of the biggest problems of the 20th century. The family’s history is said to be at a turning point as they deal with a historic drought, lawlessness, prohibition, cattle rustling, and the impending Great Depression that will make life in their Montana home more difficult. Jacob and Cara Dutton, the leaders of the Yellowstone ranch at the time, are portrayed by Ford and Mirren. Spencer Dutton, who is described as “Jacob Dutton’s nephew and John Dutton Sr(Dale) .’s brother, who has witnessed the horrors of World War I,” will be played by Sklenar in the series.

The new trailer also gives us a glimpse of the Rainwaters. Along with Darren Mann from Animal Kingdom, Michelle Randolph from A Snow White Christmas, James Badge Dale from Hightown, Marley Shelton from Scream, Brian Geraghty from Big Sky, Aminah Nieves from Blueberry, Jerome Flynn from Game of Thrones, Julia Schlaepfer from The Politician, Jennifer Ehle from Zero Dark Thirty, Robert Patrick from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and Sebastian Roché, the Yellowstone origin story also stars (The Originals).

How many episodes are in Yellowstone:1923

The number of episodes in 1923 has not been confirmed by Paramount, but both 1883 and previous seasons of Yellowstone featured ten episodes apiece, so we assume that ten is probably not too far off.

Yellowstone:1923 Trailer

The Yellowstone Ranch is shown in the trailer as it was in the years before John Dutton was even born. And the appearance isn’t much different. The Duttons are in the middle of a conflict where neighbors are threatening range wars and people will do whatever it takes to obtain land. In the trailer, Cara Dutton declares, “Greed will be the thing that kills us all.” But unlike John’s circumstance in Yellowstone, it is obvious that Jacob is not engaged in any of these conflicts alone. Cara is depicted in the teaser as a strong lady who won’t back down from a battle. She appears to be the person you should try your hardest to avoid upsetting. Men can kill quickly with a gun or a noose, but when they fight me, I can kill far more slowly, she claims.

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