Yellowstone Season 4 finale: Who will die? Monica or Rip!

Yellowstone Season 4 finale Who will die? Monica or Rip!

Yellowstone, on Paramount, is reaching the end of its fourth season, and fans are hoping for a huge twist. As Season 4 of Yellowstone approaches its conclusion on Sunday, January 2 (8/7c), death is in the air.  Over the years, the Dutton family has made a lot of enemies. Is it possible that one of the main characters may die in the upcoming finale? if someone will die and who will die. What are your thoughts, Yellowstone fans? Is Rip in danger? Will Monica die in the final episode of Yellowstone? or someone else? Or will Season 4 conclude without jeopardizing anyone’s life?

If you ask us, capturing a Dutton is pretty much impossible. John and Kayce have drawn fire more than targets at a shooting range between them. Beth couldn’t be brought down even if her entire office was blown up. Then there’s Jamie. It would be hard for everyone to like someone else if the show’s creator Taylor Sheridan kill him away.

Who will die in the Yellowstone season final?

In the penultimate episode of Season 4, Rip warned Beth that something bad would happen to him someday. Furthermore, his death would dramatically upend life at the Yellowstone, shattering little Carter, with whom he’d only recently begun to bond, and destroying his fiancée. Even the prospect of a simple breakup with Rip. her, worry that such a loss “would definitely cut off the final link to her humanity.”

In the spirit of mothers, is anyone else concerned about Tate’s? She announced to Kayce that she is pregnant once more on the same evening that the wolf began eyeing him again. some fans believe a huge fatality is on the way, especially since Monica (Kelsey Asbille) just announced a new pregnancy.

The penultimate episode of the season featured footage of a lone wolf that continues to appear around Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes). Kayce embarked on a personal quest to “cry for a vision” after meeting Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) and Mo (Moses Brings Plenty). The ordeal is reported to endure four days without food or water, but it is expected to lead to the answers he wants.

In other words, we have a sneaking suspicion that Sheridan was orchestrating Kayce’s rebound romance. Avery reappeared this season to confess her unrequited love to Kayce.

“Perhaps Garrett Randall order a hit on Kayce, but since Kayce was not at home, the hitmen kill Monica instead,” they said. Monica sacrifices herself to save Tate. Rainwater and Dutton will become closer as a result of Monica’s death, while Kayce will seek vengeance on Monica’s killers. Monica and Tate are undoubtedly the show’s weakest characters; Monica will be killed off, and Tate will be exiled.”

Let’s read more Yellowstone Reddit fan theory about: Monica will die in the season final.

“I’m not confident she’ll die, but I do believe there’s a reason Avery was reintroduced a few episodes ago and Monica is now pregnant.” I hope I’m wrong because I despise these plot lines, but I think Kayce will be tempted by Avery late in Monica’s pregnancy, and it will either lead to their official split or something bad will happen to Monica, and Kayce will be unable to bear the guilt of cheating on her before her death,” u/Spinnak3r added.

“I have a hunch Monica will die in the season finale,” u/adiman93 posted in the show’s Reddit thread, “with the news that Monica is pregnant with her second kid.”

“The minute she stated she was pregnant, I said she’d end up getting killed,” u/Apart-Internal-340 concurred. Especially now that a new woman has entered Kayce’s life.”

Asbille appeared to hint in an interview that Tate and Monica would be departing the ranch in the fourth season. She also revealed that the season finale will include a huge cliffhanger that will raise doubts about Monica’s relationship with Kayce.

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