Who is in Yellowstone Season four, episode eight’s cast?

After the game-changing drama of episode seven, Yellowstone season four episode eight will raise the stakes even higher. The Paramount Network series has been building to an explosive ending, and the first steps appear to be ready to be made. A number of key characters appear in episode eight, titled No Kindness for the Coward, which weaves together various interconnected subplots.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 8 Cast

Kevin Costner (as John Dutton)
Kelly Reilly (as Beth Dutton)
Cole Hauser (as Rip Wheeler)
Finn Little (as Carter)

Yellowstone: Season 4, Episode 8 Photos

Kelsey Asbille (as Monica Dutton)
Luke Grimes (as Kayce Dutton)
Brecken Merrill (as Tate Dutton)

Kathryn Kelly – Emily

in ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 episode 7 ‘Keep the Wolves Close.’ She works for Four Sixes. Emily meets Jimmy after he is assigned a mission. Emily is gathering horse semen for the ranch’s lab. She appears to be helping the ranch’s vets. Emily’s wit and candor impress Jimmy.

Yellowstone: Season 4, Episode 8 Photos

Jefferson White – Jimmy Hurdstrom

Jimmy has been working hard in Texas to find his position on the new ranch. However, it appears that he will be involved in a new love triangle after securing a date in episode seven. Mia (Eden Brolin), on the other hand, has been making her way down to Texas to meet him, but she will discover him with another lady.

Katherine Cunningham – Christina

Jamie continues to bond with his newly discovered son, his father Garrett, and his ex-girlfriend Christina. we saw in episode 7, Garrett approaches Christina and asks if she will assist in the organization of Jamie’s campaign for Governor of the State.

Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton

Yellowstone: Season 4, Episode 8 Photos

Will Patton – Garrett Randall

Garrett Randall has been meddling in Dutton family matters since season four, and now he’s meddling in the council candidacy as well. In episode seven, the place on the council became vacant, and a Dutton stepped forward to fill it. However, it is a choice between John (Kevin Costner) and Jamie (Wes Bentley), with Garrett urging Jamie to take the job.

Jan Landon – Teeter

After John fired all the women in the bunkhouse in episode six, fans feared the worse for Teeter. Thankfully, peace was restored in episode seven, and Teeter returned to the ranch. She’ll come back to get her hands dirty around the ranch, but she’ll probably try to avoid causing any more collateral damage.

Hassie Harrison – Laramie

In season four, Laramie has been caught in the heart of a love triangle, with Walker and Lloyd (Forrie J Smith) battling for her affections. The matter has finally been resolved, and she has been returned to the bunkhouse. Of fact, circumstances could deteriorate again, trapping Laramie in the middle.

Ryan Bingham – Walker

After their dispute over Laramie, it appears that Walker and Lloyd have made up. With the bunkhouse’s tranquility restored, Walker can resume playing his new guitar, courtesy of Lloyd. Walker’s path for the remainder of the season is unknown, but it’s evident that he does what he wants regardless of the consequences.

Forrie J. Smith – Lloyd

When will be released on Yellowstone S04 E08?

Yellowstone Season 4:Episode 8 will release on Sunday, Dec 19, at 8/7c in the USA exclusively on  Paramount Network. If you’re in Australia you can catch it Monday evening.

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