Everything to Know About Yellowstone Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Spoilers and More

Yellowstone Season 3

Paramount Network announced in June 2019, that star Kevin Costner,’s ranch series Yellowstone is returning for one more season 3. The next season of Yellowstone won’t return until 2020 but as of October 2019, we’re already getting spoiler at the next installment in this futuristic series.

When Will Yellowstone Season 3 Be Released?

The release date for the third season is listed as June 21, 2020, which means that we’re about 8 months away from the hit show on television.

Is There a Trailer for Yellowstone Season 3 Yet?

A teaser trailer for Season 3 was released on August 28 (you can watch below). In it, we get a Dutton’s ready for another fight against the government for the new season as well as hints at a new trailer for the season.

What Is the Plot for Yellowstone Season 3?

“The Dutton’s return for another fight, this time against the government. A lien has been placed on their properties amid the Beck brothers debacle. Kacey fights past demons on his future in the family. Beth searches for her heart, while a prominent former character has a say in the matter. Jimmy and the cowboys begin the search for other work.”

Are Any New Actors Joining the Yellowstone Cast for Season 3?

Josh Holloway as Roarke Carter , John Emmet Tracy as Ellis Steele ,Q’orianka Kilcher as Angela Blue Thunder , Jennifer Landon as Teeter , Karen Pittman as Willa Hays , Eden Brolin as Mia .

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