Yellowstone Season 3 Mid-Season Promo – Who will die in Season 3?

Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 7 - Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton.
Photo Credit: Paramount Network

We are already halfway through the Yellowstone season, and The future isn’t looking bright for a few characters, and it is possible that we will lose one person at the season’s end.

Paramount Networks also introduced a trailer for the future episodes of the current season. after watching this trailer we will see a land war between Willa Hayes (Karen Pittman) and the Dutton family. Since Roarke Moarke (Josh Holloway)wasn’t able to satisfy his job. Willa Hayes has arrived to help her.

On horseback, Kayce (Luke Grimes) strangles and ropes a guy driving a pickup truck. Kayce defeats the guy and hit with an iron. someone throws a dead body in the slope.

So many questions and there are just four episodes to see if we get the answers to them. Will Roarke Marke damage one of the many bullets fired in the trailer? who throws the dead body in the slop? Who will die in Yellowstone Season 3?

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