Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 7 – What the f**k? Jamie Dutton was adopted

Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 7 - What the f**k? Jamie Dutton - was adopted

Exactly when you thought Yellowstone had arrived at its apex, Season 3, Episode 7 occurred. “The Beating” was an enthusiastic, finale-commendable episode. Episode 7 of Yellowstone had packed with secrets, sentiment, deadly clashes, and more than one retribution.

Fans to a significant uncover when Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) discovered that he is embraced. Jamie’s introduction to the world’s dad was uncovered to be Garrett Randall, a nearby man who was sentenced for beating his wife, Jamie’s mom Phyllis Randall from Bozeman, Montana.

However, that wasn’t the main thing Jamie learned about his biological father. The assistant likewise gave over a criminal court record, which uncovered that Garrett Randall was sentenced for second-degree murder for beating his wife to death when Jamie was only three months old.


Starting at now, Yellowstone fans presently can’t seem to see Garrett Randall in the tissue, yet all signs highlight us meeting him soon.

Prior to his encounter with John, Jamie advises his associate to see whether Garrett has been paroled, so he’s obviously intrigued by his introduction to the world dad. What’s more, as John clarifies, Jamie has a chance to investigate Garrett’s eyes and pick what life he needs to lead.

What will he choose? Oh, Jamie. Choose wisely.

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